Asfiya's first Wedding Anniversary

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' Zubiya wake up it's almost 8, we have to go to the hospital come on.' Said Asfandyar while hurrying to get ready and meanwhile trying to wake up his beautiful wife. Zubiya woke up with a jerk and jumped out of the bed. It took less than 5 minutes for both to get ready and venture towards the hospital.
They had slept late the other night because of a movie night arranged by Gaiti bhabhi. All of them had fun gossiping and discussing the non-seriousness of stayff at the hospital in a sarcastic way.
They reached the hospital around half past 8 . Just as Asfandyar sat in his office, studying an important file, Sister Rodaba came in and said, ' Sir , there's an emergency case, we need you.' Asfandyar left what he was doing and rushed towards the surgical unit. The patient had met with a car accident and had sustained severe injuries.
It was a very complicated case and it took all the doctors over 5 hours to operate on him but by the grace of Allah,everything went well and the patient was saved. Asfandyar came out of the operation theatre in his scrubs and went straight to his office where Zubiya was already waiting for him.
' Asfandyar was the surgery alright ? Are you alright? Are you exhausted? I'm gonna get something to eat for you.' , said Zubiya in a concerned manner. Asfandyar grabbed her hand and said, ' My dear wife, i'm okay. Don't worry too much.' Both smiled at each other in the most beautiful way possible.
There was no other work to do in the hospital so Asfi took Zubiya home early. Both were exhausted so they slept very early.
At midnight, Zubiya felt that someone was whispering in her ear. She was about to freak out but when she found out it was no one but Asfi, she let out a sigh of relief.
' Happy First Anniversary, dear wifey.' , said Asfandyar in the most excited tone than ever. Zubiya was overwhelmed by the ways Asfi would surprise her in the most exciting ways. All she could utter was, ' Asfi, you remembered but you were so busy in..' Asfandyar interrupted, ' How do you expect me to forget the most important day of my life, the day when you came into my life, the day when all of my worries were eased, the day i found peace, the day i found comfort, the day i found solace and the day I relived my happiness.' Zubiya shed a tear but Asfandyar saw it. He wiped it with his thumb and said, ' Zubiya, you are the most important person in my life. You taught me how to be happy, you taught me that life is beautiful, you are the most beautiful person inside out, I love You.' ' I love you too Asfandyar' , said Zubiya still sobbing.
Asfandyar pulled the drawer of his side table, took out a box. Opened it and said, ' Happy Anniversary Zubiya.' He gifted her the most beautiful diamond necklace and made her wear it that very moment. ' Thankyou so much Asfi, b-but this must be so expensiv..' ' Shh! Not more than you, now get up we have to go somewhere.' ' Wait Asfi, i've to give a gift as well. Zubiya gifted him a watch and his favourite perfume. He was more than overwhelmed by this. ' Thanks wifey, i love the gift, now dress up quickly. We've to go somewhere.'
' Alright Alright i'm getting up, you're excited like a kid.' , said Zubiya and they both shared a good laugh. Zubiya picked up a white shirt and a trouser from her closet and went to the dressing room to change while Asfandyar changed into a White Kurta and trousers. They both were looking effortlessly beautiful. Asfi grabbed her hand and gestured her to go out.
As soon as they both went out, they heard a shout. ' HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' All the family memebers had planned an anniversary party for them at home. Gaiti, Dr. Huroon, Dr. Shehroze and Dr. Asifa were also invited.
The wall was adorned with fairy lights and anniversary buntings with a collage of Asfi and Zubiya's journey together in pictures which had turned a year old now. Exchange of gifts and best wishes took place and the chocolate fudgecake was cut. All of them had a lot of fun.
It was 4 am in the morning when everyone had gone to sleep except Asfandyar and Zubiya who were cherishing their time. Asfandyar took Zubiya out for a walk near the lake. Both sat down near the lake. It was beautiful. Just the two of them and no one else. The dewdrops touching their hands and toes and drizzles falling on them. It was no less than a fairytale. Zubiya rested her head on Asfandyar's shoulder and said, ' I'm blessed to have you as my husband, i truly am. I never imagined my life would be so beautiful. In this one year, you took care of ever little thing of mine. From what i need to what i want to do, you did every single thing for me.' Asfi interrupted, ' Zubiya you are my responsibility, i love to do this for you. Now no more emosh talks, let's just enjoy this beautiful time together.' Zubiya replied, ' Sure Mr. Changez Khan, sure.' Both shared a good laugh and spent rest of the beautiful night, Stargazing.

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