The cool guy pt1

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I was walking through the school halls. "Yo Alex , how you doing!" I heard someone yell. I looked around "mattieee yo man" I said as I saw Matt walking up to me. "Okay how many times? It's Matt" he said. "Yeah yeah" I said laughing. We walked to the cafeteria and there were some people standing in the middle of the hall. "Get the fuck out off the way man!" I yelled and saw everyone make space for us. "They do whatever you want man" Matt said laughing. "Alex!" Lexi yelled. I hated that girl. She liked me and wanted to go on a date with me. But I didn't wanna go.

"Hey" I said And kept walking. "So how are you doing?" She said pushing Matt away from me. "Alright" I said and walked to my friends. "Yo Adam! Did any girls last night?" One yelled. "Nah Man" I laughed. I got up to get some lunch, I was waiting to pay when a girl stood next to me. "Perrie you need to come to the party! It's gonna be great!" The girl said excited. I looked and saw it was jade. Jade was a girl out of my class. I was kinda social and nice to people. I just get fast annoyed and people just don't need to mess with me.

Sadly for me my mom died last month, she had cancer and just couldn't keep up anymore. I cried when I was alone at home. But hell no I was gonna show I was emotional about it. I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't want to and no one would care anyway. "Hey jade" I said. "Alex, how are you?" She said nice. "Fine I guess." I looked over and saw the blond girl standing next to her. She looked beautiful. I don't think I've noticed her before. She was dressed casual but still kinda sexy. Jade poked my side. "What?" I asked. "Stop starring at Perrie and keep walking" she said. I smiled and walked further. "Well I'm sorry but I wasn't starring" I said. "I'm Alex" I said giving her a hand. "I know we follow maths and English together" she giggled. Her giggle was the cutest think ever. "Oh" I said. I've never noticed her. Why did I never noticed her? "Why did I never noticed you?" I asked not wanted to sound rude. "I don't know, you're most time not paying attention I think. But I am" She said. "Edwards!" I said out loud. Perrie Edwards. Straight A student. I never wanna hang with nerds. But if their as hot as her I wouldn't mind. She looked weird at me. "Never mind, you were talking about a party?" I asked. "Yeah Jed's party" jade said. "Oh you're boyfriend?" I said teasing her. "Yes my boyfriend" she said blushing. "Well Perrie, I would like to see you there" I said hoping she would change her mind and come.

Jade opened her mouth and looked at me. "Oh my god you're blushing!" She said "No I'm not!" I said "Will you come to the party?" Jade begged. "Alright!" I said And she smiled. "Just cause of Alex huh?" She said. "Before now he didn't even knew I existed, believe me. We're never going to be a couple" I said and jade nodded. "You'll never know tho" jade said and grinned. "Hey guys!" Leigh-Anne shouted. "Perrie is coming to the party!" Jade said. "Oh my god really! The nerd leaves the house later then 9 great!" Jesy said. "Oh shut up" I laughed.

I was never a fan of going out. I liked to stay inside and watch a movie or study. Cause school is really important to me. But I kinda had a crush on Alex so I wanted to come. "You know what? Let's all come to my house and let's dress up together!" Leigh said. "Yeah then we can show Perrie what it looks like waiting a short skirt" Jesy laughed. "Haha very funny, I wear short skirts!" I said. "You're old cheer outfit doesn't count" jade said. "Yeah then I don't Wear skirts" I said And they all chuckled. "Don't worry pez! We're gonna help you" Leigh-Anne said. We were a group of 4 friends. Leigh-Anne and jade are pretty popular. Jesy always says she doesn't wanna be popular. I also kinda don't. But I would like to make new friends.

*skip to the party*

"Man who are you waiting for" Andre asked me. "Perrie" I said. "Who?" He looked confused. "Perrie Edwards, jade's friend" I said and looked at the door. "Alright and why are you waiting on her?" He asked. "Cause I talked to her for like a minute but there's just something about her. I mean yeah she liked school but who cares you know. She dresses Okay and she looks real hot" I said. "I never noticed her" Andre said. "Exactly! That's what I like about her. She's not one of those stupid popular girls who always try to get attention" I said. "So you don't like Lexi?" He asked. "No man! She's the worst." I said And he chuckled. "Well just so you know if anything happens between you and perrie. Lexi isn't gonna like it" He said. "I know" I said.

Short chapter but I just wanted to give y'all something 😙😂
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