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JJ was sitting in her studio doing a live stream since she was really bored.

"Hiiiii. I'm bored. Entertain me please~" she said while staring at the camera.

Noona what time is it?

"It's currently 10 pm."

Did you eat dinner yet?

"I'm about to eat right now!" She said while holding her container of food up, "But I don't think I will be able to finish this since I'm not that hungry," she said again while picking her chopsticks up.

After swallowing the rice she had in her mouth down (that sounds so wrong) she took a sip from her water bottle, "What do you guys think of the new album? Did you like it?"

And just like that the comments were going by so fast, but she could catch some of them.




"Which song is your favorite? Mine is Airplane pt. 2, Pluto, and Anpanman."



So what!

Same JJ!

And the list went on.

JJ frowned when she saw comments that said:

Where are the other members?

Call Taehyung!

Where's Jungkook?!

Get other members!

Let someone else take over!

She had enough at this point, "where are the other members? They're getting some rest like normal humans. Get another member to do the livestream? No. I'm doing the livestream and y'all should be grateful that we idols actually talk to you guys, but instead this is what we get in return? Now if you don't like me, then be my guest and leave. You can wait another day for one of the boys to do a livestream."


Ugh whatever

Yasss queen!

Haters you just got served!


JJ couldn't help but giggle.

A shadow figure appeared at the door wiggling, "Ah! What the? That scared me," she said while immediately turning around to look at the door.

The figure disappeared.

"Well that was strange," she said while turning back to the camera.

The figure came back, "YAH!" JJ yelled at whoever was behind the door.

The door soon opened to reveal a giggling Mochi hopping inside, "Helloooooooo!"

"Aish you scared me!"

"Oops. Hi army!" He giggled.

JJ looked at him, "How did you know I was doing a livestream?"

"I was watching."


"Since the part where you scolded the ones who were asking for another member," Jimin said while covering his mouth with his hand and letting out a squeaky laugh.

JJ rolled her eyes and pinched his cheek, which soon turned to be a pinching cheek contest between the two.

Both of their eyes stared at a comment that said:

Mochi VS. Marshmallow!

Jimin and JJ both fell on the floor in squeaky fits of laughter.

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