Chapter 18

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The First Fight

A/N: Lots of drama in store for you guys this chapter. I'm so sorry this chapter is late. I left my phone at my judo school and didn't get it back til today and I always write on my phone. Anyways I hope you like it.  Enjoy darlings!!!

Lilly's POV:

     "Jake, please just listen to me." I said through a door that was previously slammed in my face. I was being ignored at the moment. I couldn't blame him though. I would probably be pissed if I saw him with another girl. I wish he knew it wasn't like that.

       "Fine. We'll talk some other time." I knew he doesn't want to agree with that but I still got no response. I started walking away. I really screwed up. The only person I ever loved hates me and I couldn't do anything about it. I felt an aching in my chest. I finally stopped holding back the tears and let them go, not caring who saw me. "Lilly?" I heard my brother question. He walked up to me and held me in his arms. "Josh, I messed up." I said into his chest still crying. "Let's go talk about it." he said and I nodded. He is the one person I really needed right now and he was there for me.

       "So he doesn't know that it wasn't your fault?" Josh questioned after I explained the whole story to him. "No and he won't talk to me so there is no way of telling him." I said finally stopping my tears. "Looks like we have a 20-year-old spy to beat up." Josh teased. "Nah, Chris already knocked him out." We both laughed. "Wait if Chris knows why can't he tell Jake the truth?" he questioned. "He said if it turns into a really big thing he will, but he thinks we should learn to work out our problems by ourselves and trust each other." I said and Josh laughed. "When did he become the relationship expert?" he quizzed. "I don't know , but he makes sense." I said and looked down at the icecream Josh got me that was almost empty. He really does know how to make a sister feel better. "I better get going. Thanks little brother."    "No problem, big sister"

Jake's POV:

       I wish I could stop thinking about her and try to forget everything we had, but it's too hard. When she came to talk to me it pained me to not answer back.  I just wish she could get out of my head for good. What was she even doing with that Kevin anyway? Was there more I didn't know about? I'm such an idiot.

         I snapped out of my thoughs and decided to take a walk around base. I was walking for only a couple minutes before I realized I was walking towards Lilly's room. Maybe I should let her explain? I went to knock on the door cautiously. Before I knocked I heard Lilly and Kaitie's voices around the corner of the hall. I turned around and walked away, hiding before they could know I was here.

         Once I heard the door close I came out of hiding and started walking again. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized she didn't go in her room. "I may not be a level 7 spy , but I can tell when someone's hiding." she said staring at me a little nervous but obviously sad. "I'm just gonna go." Kaitie said before walking to her room across the hall. "I'm sorry, actually, I'm not sorry. What did I ever do to you to make you want a douche like Kevin? Huh?" I said and I could feel my blood heat up. "I don't want him! I don't even like him!" she said her voice cracking a little. Her eyes were getting pink and starting to tear up. "Explain why you were making out with him in the hall then. What, was it 'kiss the jerk' day?" I tried to calm down, but it was no use. "He came on me. I wasn't kissing back! Why don't you believe me? You're the only person I ever loved and I still love you. I don't want anyone else." she said looking down with tears running down her face. Truth is I loved her too and I really wanted to believe her, but it was hard after what I saw.

        "You wanted a chance to explain, well here you go." I said still angry but trying to give her a chance. Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe. "Let's take a walk." I was going to do that anyway so why not. 

        We walked in silence for a minute and a half (yes, I was counting) and then she finally spoke. "I was walking to my dorm when a hand grabbed mine and turned me around. I thought it was you and when I saw who it was I tried telling him to go away. He pushed me against the wall and I turned my face, Kevin just pushed it back and started, you know, kissing me. I figured the only way to get out was to loosen up a little because he was too strong to push away if he knew that I wanted to get away." she said and I just tried listening without punching every wall we walked by. "I finally pushed him away and he started questioning why I liked you and why I couldn't be with him. I told him I love you and only you. He didn't care about my response and went in for another kiss. Thankfully Chris saw me resist and realized Kevin was being stupid so he knocked him out." she said happier now to let things off her shoulders.  I can't beleive Kevin. I just want to hurt him.

          "Why didn't you make Chris tell me what happened?" I was a little confused on that part. "He wanted us to work it out on our own. Please tell me you believe me. I love you and only you. Matter of fact I think I'm in love with you." she said looking straight into my eyes nervously and starting to tear up again. "I believe you. And... I've been in love with you Lilly. I always will be." I told her before picking her up and locking lips. I deepened the kiss and then pulled away. "What am I doing, I have a spy to fight." I said realizing I couldn't just let Kevin off like this. "Knock him dead. Oh and by the way, you're a way better kisser than Kevin." she said laughing. "Of course I am." I said before running off to find the jerk who made out with my Lilly.

         "Hey Kevin, wanna keep your hands off my girlfriend." I said to him and he just stared. "Not really." I hate this guy more and more by the second. "It wasn't a question." I said blankly. We were currently in the training arena so no one would really notice if I beat the crap out of him right now. Everyone was sparring around us, it's my turn. They don't call me the bad boy for no reason and I'm gonna show him why.


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