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PG please

Cursing please. You can set up for a cuz weird but then cut your character of
Ex:"that little-" they were cut off by the sound of another akuma victim

Drama drama drama

Respect other people's ships

If you want to be a miraculous holder you MUST ask me first. Their are certain miraculous' that will go to canons later in the show as we know.

If playing a Canon, stay true to the character

If you want to be related to a character, majeure it makes sense.
Ex: you're a sibling of Adrian, be much older or something where the two didn't grow up together

NAME| first and last.
AGE| how old is this character
OCCUPATION| what do they do: student or actual job.
PERSONALITY|what are they like
LIKES| what do they like
DISLIKES| what don't they like
APPERANCE| what do they look like
FRIENDS*| Who they hang with
FAMILY|who are they related to
INSECURITIES| what do they not like about themselves
FEARS| what are they scared of
BACKSTORY| What's happened in their life
CRUSH*| who do they like
EXTRA*| went something else about them.

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