Chapter Eight Deal with the Devil

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You had been carefully studying a large stack of papers. It was all the math work you had missed while stuck in the hell hole. Frustrated you pushed yourself away from the desk and stood up. You decided to take a break from studying, at least until someone came to help you. You eyed your room and walked up to the punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling. The idea of punching the bag was more than appetizing. You grabbed the gloves and put them on taking a deep breath you punched the bag as hard as you could.

It felt as though you were powerful. Repeatedly the bag was punched and kicked. With each punch you groaned a little and sweat dripped down your face a bit. You breathed heavy and took off the gloves placing them to the side you grabbed the weights and began doing squats, lunges and whatever else you could think of.

Part of the way through you had taken off your shirt leaving you there doing exercise in a sports bra. You walked to the bathroom at the other end of the room and grabbed a small towel. You sat with it wrapped around your neck and turned on your computer. It was actually a lot easier to use than previously thought to be. Realizing this as an accomplishment a smile creeped upon your face.

You looked up a yoga tutorial video on a simple yoga routine and turned up the volume. You found yourself doing all the poses pretty okay for your first time. A knock on your door made you arise and turn of the video that was teaching you how to do childspose correctly and made your way to said door.

As soon as you had opened it you tried to close the door only for a foot to be in the way. The one person you disliked barged his way into your room. You sighed before closing the door. "What do you want burn boy?" you asked to the male now sitting on your bed. His eyes traced their way up your body making you feel a bit self conscious. You cleared your throat effectively bringing his gaze to your face.

He smirked as you walked a bit closer to him. "There is a lot that I want of which you cannot currently give"

"What kind of a half assed answer is that?" you asked a bit annoyed.

"Listen I think we got off on the wrong foot, last night I was drunk so I wasn't myself" He was trying to be nice.

"And this morning?" He coughed trying to hold back a laugh.

"Complete accident" He held his hands up in surrender.

"Man you are a bad liar" You said walking a bit closer until you were about a foot away from him. You bent over a bit getting into his face "Leave" He smirked at your closeness and grabbed you pivoting you under him so he trapped you under him on the bed. Your breath had caught as you found your hands helplessly trapped above your head. He leaned in close grabbing your chin.

"Princess, I am not leaving. Seeing as you can't make me." he spoke matter of factly before releasing your chin and leaning in closer his lips made contact with your skin for a split second. You cringed in pain as it felt as though a hot poker had been pressed against our collar bone.

Quickly moving your leg you kneed the charcoal haired male in the balls. "What the fuck!" You screamed at him making your way to the bathroom. A burn in the shape of lips could be seen on your neck.

"Just marking what's mine" he said walking over to where your body stood looking in the mirror. You quickly spun around slapping him.

" I am not yours! You are an asshole and you need to leave" He chuckled and looked back into your (e/c) eyes.

"Oh (y/n) you are so cute when you get pissed." He stood there for a good moment before speaking. "How about this, I will get out if" Of course there had to be an "if". "If you give me a chance" Your face contorted in disgust. "Listen to my piece before you judge. If I can get you to fall for me within two months you will date me. If not I will disappear" He seemed to be genuine.

"One month" You said trying to take control of the situation. "And you have to give me my privacy" You were still pissed over earlier.

"Deal" he said smirking. He stared at your collar bone for a moment as it healed and then began again " Oh and you gotta show me your quirk" You shook your head no and began to shove him out the door.

"When you see my quirk it will be because I'm killing you with it" You said before he walked out the door. "It was never intended to be used as a party trick" He chuckled before walking away.

"Goodbye beautiful, expect me tonight!" you groaned.

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