Manhandled? No, Not Going to Happen

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I watched the mystery man in front of us as we continued our trek. His clothes were tailored to his body so perfectly I couldn't imagine them on anybody else. His breeches hugged his masculine thighs and his coat was trimmed perfectly to accentuate his broad shoulders and tapered waist. The only complaint I had was that his coat was so long that it hid his ass. Damn, what a shame.

We walked for awhile before a huge house appeared. It rose from the ground like a zombie climbing out of its grave. One second there was nothing and then a huge house towered over everything.

"Holy fudge balls." I was in complete awe. The exterior was grander than anything I've seen in my life, but it didn't even compare to the outside. The garden was color coded with beds upon beds of different colored flowers. It was edged with bushes and right in the center was a small pond surrounded by carved wooden benches. "It's like Downton Abbey."

"Like what?"  The woman I landed on earlier looked confused.

"Oh nothing," I looked over at her, "just a show back home."

She shook her head, "I don't understand half of what you say."  Her fingers tightened around my arm and my mind traveled back to the problem at hand.

I'm...somewhere. My eyes glanced around. We were currently walking through the garden and the scent drifted up, as if welcoming me to the house behind it. Everything was very enticing. The house was grand, the gardens even grander, and the people were lavishly dressed. My eyes scanned the man walking in front of us and then the woman holding me. I could make a run for it. Her grip was already relaxed and the man was far enough away that I was confident in my escaping abilities. The real problem is that I have no idea where I am. And if I were to escape, where would I go?

When I first landed I remember being surrounded by fields upon fields of green. There was nowhere to escape to.  I felt like I was sucked into some sort of reenactment, which reenactment, I have no idea, but that was the only thing that made sense.  The house, the garden, and how the people were dressed certainly didn't correspond with my town's sense of style.

So, the only logical conclusion was that this was a reenactment of some kind. I looked at the house as we drew closer. Wow, they really paid attention to detail. We were approaching from the back and it was already a sight to see, I couldn't imagine how the front would look.

The gardens seemed as if it were one with the house. I didn't know where one ended and the other began.  It twined up and expanded over the entire back. You could see the tiniest bits of red peaking out from underneath the vines, hinting at a red- bricked structure.  There was a huge balcony that ran the entire width of the house. From down here I could hear the faint sounds of laughter and the notes of a song as it tapered off and came to an end. It was magical.

Each window facing the gardens had a single candle lit and placed on the sill. Through some of them I thought I could see the faint movements of people bustling back and forth.

The man led us to a small door on the side of the house and waited for us to catch up. His brow was wrinkled and he shuffled his feet impatiently as we took our time walking towards him.

Okay Blue, you need to snap out of whatever funk this is. I just need to exit this reenactment, find a local police station, figure out where I am, and then get home so I can have a nice long bath and forget about this day altogether.

"So," I drawled as we reached the man, "can I go?" I rocked on the balls of my feet and started to shuffle away from the house and the two odd people. "This has been fun, but if you could just give me a ride to the nearest police station or maybe you can call an uber or something. I'll pay you back, and you guys can get on with..." I waved at the house and then at them, "whatever you got going on here." I gave them both my best smile and shook the woman's hand from my arm.

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