Chapter 1-Arrival

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Emma POV

My plane arrived at Heathrow airport after what seemed forever. I take my bag out of the overhead bin and walk towards the exit of the airplane. The hoodie I have on is starting to get hot but I need it since I am trying to cover my bruises. I'm not here in the UK for pleasure but for an escape. My ex-boyfriend, Glenn, made my life a living hell. I don't know what I was thinking when I met him. I go to the counter to receive a pamphlet that was waiting for me. My sister, Lauren did all the planning of escape for me. I was too scared to leave Glenn for fear of him killing me. Once Glenn left for work to his construction site, Lauren had brought me new clothes, gave me $5,000 to leave the US. I didn't want to leave but I had no choice. It was either my life or my death. Lauren even had me set up in a hotel for 2 nights until I can find a proper job. I hail a taxi and give the cab driver the address of the hotel. I see all of the sights and try to take it in but I'm unable to because the only thing that I can do is worry about Glenn finding me. I arrive at the hotel and pay the cabbie. Thank God I learned how to figure out pounds. I head to the front desk and check-in. The front desk clerk hands me the key to room 208.

20 Minutes Later

I got out of the shower, combed my hair, and air-dried my hair. My computer was charging and so was my phone. So, I looked up jobs the old fashion way: the newspaper. As I comb through the paper, I see an ad for a nanny. "Help wanted. A nanny to look after and care for an eight-year-old boy at the Heelshire Mansion. See number below." I dial the number and wait for someone to answer. "Heelshire residence." a male voice answered. "Yes, hello. My name is Emma Young and I'm interested in the job of the nanny. Has the position been filled?" The male sighed and said, "I'm the grocery man, Malcolm. Here comes Mr. Heelshire." I could hear the phone being transferred to the other man. "No, Ms. Young, the position has not been filled. If you could start right away, that'll be perfect. Write down the address and come to the house tomorrow." I write down the address and the number down in case I lose it. The man then says, "Thank you for filling in the role. I know my son would love to meet you tomorrow. Have a good night." "You too. Goodnight, sir." I smile, knowing that I would finally have a job but I couldn't help but feel that something would happen to me. Paranoia, I guess. I went to dry my hair, fix my face and clothes, and head downstairs to go eat something. Tomorrow was a new day and I would be able to start my new life. 

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