Chapter 7

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Shiro's P.O.V.

"What do you mean he seems threatening?" Hunk asks

"He seems like he has something up his sleeve." I explain "My instincts are telling me to watch out for him."

"Should we tell Lance?" Matt asks

"I don't know, maybe we should." Allura states

We talk for a few more minutes when we hear footsteps walking towards us. My instincts flair up and we turn to see Lotor.

"Hey Lotor." Allura says nervously

"I know you don't like me." He says catching everyone off guard

"W-What?" Allura asks shocked

"I know you dislike me, and frankly I don't care." Lotor says "I'm not here to make friends with you, I'm here for Lance."

I growl angrily at the thought of Lance in danger. How dare he think we're just going to take Lance away.

"Why would you tell us? We're just going to tell Lance?" Pidge asks

"Well little girl." Lotor replies, making Pidge angry at being misgendered "I know you won't tell Lance because if you do he will be heart broken. Lance always puts you before himself, surely you'd put him in front of yourselves."

"You've only known Lance for a week, we've known him for years." Hunk states "Lance wouldn't fall in love enough to be heart broken in that short of time!"

"Wouldn't he? Do you really want to take that chance?" Lotor chuckles "You can tell Lance if you want, but when he is heart broken for the second time in such a short period you'll only have yourselves to blame."

Heart broken for a second time? What is he talking about? Lotor walks away and Keith, who has been silent up until this point stands up to chase after Lotor and I go after him. I can't let Keith pick a fight, especially with an exchange student.

I see Keith in the hallway standing still and looking around.

"Keith?" I ask walking up to him

"I lost him, dammit!" He replies in frustration "What do we do? We can't just let him be with Lance!"

"Shh Keith I know, Lance deserves better." I reply, wrapping my arms around him "But we can't just tell Lance, he will be heartbroken."

"Lance will barely talk to us, he might never talk to us again if we tell him the truth about Lotor." Keith sighs "What did we do? Everything was going so well."

"We'll figure it out, for now we need to find a way to protect Lance without hurting him." I say

**Time skip to Saturday**

Lance's P.O.V.
Lotor asked me to go to a restaurant for dinner with him and I accepted. It's nice to get my mind off of Shiro and Keith. I know it's not easy to get over people so quickly, I feel like I'm falling for them even more.

I don't know why but I've been getting a few warning signals around Lotor recently. It's nothing in particular but I don't feel completely safe around him. I'm sure I'm just over thinking everything, why is it that I finally have someone interested in me and I'm trying to find flaws instead?

I put on my outfit for today which consists of a pair of black pants and a blue dress shirt. I think I look good for a dinner date, I wonder what restaurant we are going to?

I hear knock at my bedroom door and I open it to see Hunk.

"Hey Lance, going out tonight?" He asks

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