Chapter ThirtyTwo- The Ending Of A Happy Song

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Welcome to Part Two! Get ready to experience a thrill ride that might leave you shocked (I'm hoping). Not to mention we've got the sexy Blue Eyes (A.K.A. Ren) as our new inner voice. :D 


Chapter ThirtyTwo- The Ending Of A Happy Song

July 24th: Waxing Crescent

    I will admit that punching the guy in the gut had been going a little too far. However, what was I supposed to do about my raging anger? Not only had he told me flat out that my lack of pool skill meant I had a small dick, but it also apparently meant I wasn't a true man. On normal occasions I would have let it slip by and I'd pull a smile, but something inside me told me that he needed a nice clean punch in the nose. Maybe something to go with the hurt ego he was about to have. 

    So I guess that's how he ended up with both a bloody nose and a quivering gut that was obviously from drinking way too much. Seriously, I wondered briefly if he even felt the punch I'd thrown at him considering my fist pretty much sunk into all that fat. 

    "You made a huge mistake little boy." Wow, he actually called me little boy. I guess he just didn't get the point that I didn't like being told the following untrue things: that I had a small dick, I wasn't a true man, and I was a little boy...among many other things. 

    With a cruel smile I watched as he bounded toward me, his fat rolling along with him. For a moment I wondered how someone could really get that fat from just drinking alcohol. This guy must also be a regular at McDonalds. Perhaps he even stopped at other greasy fast food places in case there wasn't a McDonalds close enough to him. 

    The first punch he threw at me was easy enough to dodge, but it did however cause me to crash into the pool table behind me. The guys who'd been playing there finally looked over at me and the drunkard, there eyes showing interest in the fight. Unfortunately for them, I was planning on making this as quick as possible so I could get back to wallowing in my own self-pity as I walked down to the abandoned mansion. Apparently Haden had called a special meeting that was of the utmost importance. 

    He wasn't going to be too happy when he learned that the only reason I was late was because I'd stopped by the bar to play pool of all things. He knew I sucked at it and had pretty much just walked in asking for a fight. 

    Maybe it was a good thing that lately I'd had him following me around, it kept me from doing stupid things like getting into fights. It couldn't be helped though. Besides, he shouldn't have left me alone in the first place today since this is the first thing I thought to do with myself. 

    As I was going around with my internal monologue I'd been dodging all kinds of punches, pretty much wearing out the drunkard so I could declare the final blow and get out of there. However, from all around me there were people telling me to stop being a wussy (yeah there was another thing I hated being called) and to just hit the guy already. Apparently they thought that this idiotic drunkard had the slightest chance of beating me. The people in this place must be delusional or something because they obviously weren't seeing the staggering in him that I was seeing. 

    Lately my anger has been off the scales, probably due to everyone asking me if I was okay and if I wanted to go see Amanda's grave. Were they stupid or something? No I didn't want to see the death stone of the girl I loved and I didn't want people asking me if I was okay because it was evident I wasn't. Yeah, maybe I didn't show it very often but inside I was being consumed from my rage and pain. It was turning into a struggle everyday I tell you. 

    It also wasn't helping that everywhere I turned that idiot York ( who Amanda called Snow) was hanging about acting like he hadn't a care in the world. The only reason I'd been kind to him in the first place was because he was a friend to Amanda, but that didn't mean I wanted to carry that friendship over in her death. It also angered me that the rest of the pack had welcomed him with open arms like he was something special. Yeah, maybe he'd been a baby wolf for quite a bit of his life, but that didn't mean anything...not to me at least. 

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