"That's horrible, they can't do that! Do these guys live by stereotypes?" I asked, slowly getting angry. "Like, Tanner's been up my ass about how 'I should go back to my nails and gossiping', I LITERALLY PEEL OFF ALL MY NAILS, KYLE!" I yelled

Kyle laughed, "For me it was James, he was always bullying me about being who I am, and stating that 'homosexuals aren't supposed to play sports' and whatnot." He explained, I sighed in annoyance.

"Let's just forget about them right now, I'll break their dumb stereotypes later." I said, he nodded, with an encouraging smile.

"Okay, so let's start studying some Biology! The chapter we're starting with will be Hormones. Come on, seriously?" I asked

Kyle laughed, "it's not that bad!" He stated

I rolled my eyes playfully, "says you!" I said, to which he chuckled, Kyle and I are slowly becoming best friends.

"Let's just get done with this.." I said, and the torture began.


"Boys, AND GIRL, We have a match coming up in a week! With Desert wind high! Home of the Eagles." Coach announced, and I got excited, my first ever match with the team.

Practice started, and everyone was pumped, "SET, HUT HUT!" I said, and Cody threw me the ball, I avoided as much tackle tries, but Dylan got me just before I threw the ball.

My ankle twisted horribly before we both fell to the ground, and I groaned in pain, "you ok?" Dylan asked, and helped me up, the moment my feet came in contact with the ground my foot was filled with immense pain, and I groaned again. "Hey hey, I think you twisted it, go take a seat" he said

I nodded, and he helped me to the benches, coach hot on his heels along the rest of the team, "Adams, what in hell happened?" Coach asked

"I twisted it. Badly." I said, Kyle got me some ice while they called for the school nurse.

Seriously ankle? You had to twist today? I sighed in annoyance, "twists are very common, just give it around a week and you'll be fine." Kyle stated, Coach nodded.

The nurse came by quickly, and inspected my ankle in her nurse ways. "Give it about a week, no football, no activities at all." She started, "keep it raised up and add it to contrasting temperatures, so it wouldn't swell up. Come on, get yourself home" she added, I nodded

"I can't possibly drive" I stated, and looked around to see if they'll all be dicks as usual.

I knew Kyle can't drive me because he has a lot of studying to do, "Fine! I'll drive her home." Tanner said grumpily.

"I'd rather walk." I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Don't be stubborn and just go to my car, someone has to take out the trash" He said

"I think I took out the trash when I took your place as quarterback, best decision of my life." I fired right back.

The team silently dissolved in "oohs and damns!" And I smirked

"God this is annoying, I'll drive you home" Dylan said, I nodded, and let him help me up, Tanner's an idiot to think I was actually going inside a car with him.

Dylan helped me to his car, and I got in, Kyle came behind him with all my stuff. "Thanks" I said, he smiled, and walked away.

"You okay?" Dylan asked, I nodded, "I'm sorry.." he said awkwardly.

I chuckled, "it's not your fault, Dylan, and thanks for offering to drive me home" I said, with a grin

"It's no biggie" he said, with a smile.

Maybe they're all not as bad as Tanner and James, maybe.


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