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"Chapter four: The injury."

"Song of chapter: Bellyache — Billie Eilish



I walked out of the field with Kyle

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I walked out of the field with Kyle. Tanner and James were talking silently. "I need to talk to you." Kyle said. I nodded.

We stopped walking. "What's up?" I asked, Kyle sighed and ran a hand over his face. "Kyle? Is everything okay?" I asked again.

"I might be kicked out of the team soon." Kyle said quietly.

"What! But you're amazing!" I said, in complete shock, "why would they kick you out? Is it Tanner's doing? I'll beat him up!" I said like a maniac.

"No, it's not because of my skills or because of Tanner, it's because of my grades, they're absolutely shit." He said "It's a school rule that if you fail a class, they kick you off the team." He explained.

"I can help you! What are your weak subjects?" I said, crossing my arms.

He smiled lightly, "I manage to get B's in all my classes except for Biology, I cannot seem to understand anything!" He said

"You're talking to the teacher's favorite, I can surely help you with Biology!" I said, with a proud smile, "Do you wanna meet up after school? Tomorrow." I asked

"Definitely, thank you so much Daisy!" He said, I smiled.


"Okay BEARS! Make this practice a good one." Coach yelled, and we started our practice, Kyle was definitely off his game, but it's fine, I'll help him.

"SET, HUT HUT!" I yelled, and Cody threw me the ball, I avoided all the tackle trials, and threw the ball to Tanner, who caught it easily and ran to the goals.

Before getting tackled.

Coach's whistle broke the silence, "Tanner! If you keep getting tackled in less that 5 seconds are you even good for any position? Man up, and get your foot on the grounds!" Coach yelled

I smirked, and walked over to Kyle, who looked distressed. "hey, calm down okay? You're not getting kicked off the team." I said, with a reassuring smile.

He smiled back, "thanks, Daisy"  I nodded.

Practice ended quickly, and I was walking home with Kyle, "did you know, I got bullied when I joined the team too?" He said

"Wait what!? But why?" I asked, feeling genuinely confused

"Because I'm gay, I was nicknamed 'stick figure fa**ot" he stated, and my eyes widened.

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