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So Part One has now ended which means we are now ready to go into Part Two! I was originally going to make this a second book, but I realized that I like it better as being one book! Anywho below you're going to find the summary for Part Two and also a few questions I have for all of you! :D




    Are you ready for the ultimate test of good and evil?

    Ren was left devastated after learning that Amanda and her twin brother Lockheart were murdered by an unknown menace. Now devoid of emotion, he is hell bent on gaining revenge. However, as his dark side starts to surface he starts to realize that there is more to this mystery than meets the eye...especially when Amanda's body goes missing from the cemetery. 

    Things are also starting to look strange when fires begin in town, people are being murdered, and wolves are starting to appear once again in the woods that for years have been empty. The town is ready to blame werewolves again, but is there really something else at work here that could be an even greater danger to the people of Riverwood?

    Ren wants to find out and he must enlist the help of Lockheart who might I mention...is dead. 

    It's all come down to this and the clock is ticking for Ren to figure out what is going on before everything gets blown out of the water. Not to mention before the ultimate evil takes over. 

Questions for the Fans:

1) What do you think of having Ren as the main voice for Part Two?

2) Were there any strings left untied at the end of Part One you still want answered?

3) How are you liking this so far?

4) What would you really like to see in Part Two?

5) Are you going to keep on reading?

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