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Going from foster parents to foster parents was exhausting. This will be the only time I say I'm happy to say I'm back at the adoption center. I unpacked my duffel bag filled with clothes that needed to be desperately washed and my teddy bear my "real parents" gave to me as a child, at least that's what the workers said. I yawned after unpacking and lay in the stiff bed. I attempted to get comfortable as the nostalgia of the actions came back to me.

"Iris! It's bedtime!" Ashley, aka, my favorite worker yelled from the kitchen which was right across from my room. I sighed and shut the white painted wooden door and looked around the room I knew so well. The grey walls still the same, no design and the wooden bed in the center of the room. I removed my yellow sweatshirt and black skinny jeans and put on a grey tank top and black sweat pants as my pajamas. I got myself somewhat comfortable under the sheets of white but I couldn't sleep. I had my bear close to my face, kissing it every once in awhile. An unexpected knock at my door woke me up from my daydream about having a family someday. Ashley walked in, a bright smile on her face. She pushed aside her brown bangs so I could see her face.

"Iris", follow me, we have guests." I excitedly jumped out of my bed and smiled and probably looked like I was crazy and followed behind Ashley. She sat me down in our living room area where only I was present in right now, not even Ashely. I sighed and played with my hands, twirling around my thumbs. I looked at the clock above the tv, 11:12 PM. I yawned once more and tried not to doze off into sleep, I was finally getting tired and of course I had to be interrupted. My head titled to the left as I closed my eyes, not expecting to fall asleep.


"Iris! Wake up!" I groaned as I saw Ashely. I moved my eyes from her to the clock, 11:38 PM. Her smile was still painted on her face as she moved to reveal two guys who looked around 30. One had extremely pale skin and dark hair and bangs that covered his forehead and the other had darkened skin that matched with his deep brown eyes. I liked his nose ring. They both smiled and waved at me as I looked down awkwardly and waved.

"Iris, Kellin and Vic here are interested in adopting you!" That woke me up. I jumped from the couch and smiled like I did earlier. The men smiled too and mouthed something I couldn't tell.

Well Iris, go back up your things!" I tripped on my own feet I was that excited. I laughed to myself and grabbed my duffel bag and filled it with everything I had, yes, including some shampoo I stole from the shower. I zippered the bag and ran back towards the living area. Ashley was talking to the men who looked to be signing papers on a clipboard. I had my teddy bear in my hand as I walked beside Ashely. I looked up at her and gave her a sad but happy smile and she did the same. She excused us from the men and pushed me aside.

Iris, I'm going to miss you so much. We tightly hugged each other as we both say tests form in each other's eyes. "Be good for me, okay?" I nodded as we walked towards the men again.

"Sorry about that, I won't keep you two waiting." She faked smiled as she nodded at me almost saying 'good luck.'

"No worries," said the pale skinned man. He grabbed my hand with my teddy bear in it as I shivered from anxiety. They both looked down at me and asked me if I was okay and I nodded. They put my duffel bag in the trunk of their black car and opened the back door for me. I got in as they did the same. The darker skinned man drove as the pale skinned one looked back at me from the passenger seat. He smiled and took my hand in his.

"I'm Kellin, I'm pretty much the mom." I giggled as he did the same. He pointed towards the darker skinned man. "This is Vic." He waved at me with one hand and I could feel he was smiling.

"How old are you sweetheart?" Kellin asked, genuinely curious.

"6."I knew he knew, he just wanted me to talk. He smiled and rubbed my arm in a comforting fashion. I already felt comfortable with them.

"You're a beautiful girl Iris. I hope you know that." I shrugged. He smiled, a little defeated that I didn't realize what he saw in me.

"Kellin isn't lying darling," Vic chimed in. I sighed and let go of Kelvin's hand and held onto my bear. Kellin turned around and put on a CD called "Collide With The Sky." The first song came on and the title was too long for me to remember. I heard a guy screaming in the song and I covered my ears. Vic giggled to himself as Kellin quickly changed the songs to what seemed like the final track.

"This is called hold on till may," Kellin explained, the title catching my attention. Kellin hummed as Vic patted his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the drums. I listened closely to the lyrics, trying to understand what they meant.

"If I were you, I'd put that away. See you're just wasted and thinkin bout the past again, darling you'll be okay." I looked at Kellin who turned back around as soon as he saw me looking at him.

"What do those lyrics mean?"

"Oh honey," Kellin grabbed both of my hands. "May you never go through struggles as bad as our fans do."

"Fans?" I questioned.

"Yes honey, we're in bands."

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