Man With A Plan

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"Conspiracy is always inspired by conspirators"~Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


After a long heated debate about who would tell their story first, Jack did the gentlemanly thing and relented.

Or so he claimed.

V.C. really knew that he just said that to save face.

But really, there was no way V.C. was letting Jack win, especially after she slipped and told him what she knew.

She couldn't believe it.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

Normally, she could weave lies better than Dolos himself.

Yet, she had slipped.



Completely and utterly crashed and burned.

And this was after all the flack she had given Domos. . .

She really was spending too much time with Jack. Her ethical compass was getting skewed by his magnetic righteousness, or so to speak.

A week ago, she would have had no problem keeping her trap shut about this important information.

Yet, guilt was a fickle feeling.

It was singlehandedly turning her into a feelings ridden, emotional ball of loose lips and respectability.

The horror. . .

As soon as this case was solved, she was taking the first private jet ride out of the country. Somewhere far away. Somewhere dangerous and deadly.

The perfect vacation.

After debating between Afghanistan or Serbia, she zoned back into Jack's presentation, just in time to pretend she had no idea who Nostradomos Carmichael was.


Hours later, Jack paced wearily in the warehouse for the hundredth time that day. Occasionally, he would stop his pacing to send glances at the little man mumbling to himself in the corner.

Pager sat in front of his precious laptop, typing profusely, only once in a while pausing to take a bite out of caviar-covered crackers.

V.C. had had to drag Pager back to Rinshawn kicking and screaming the whole time. The little man was a squirrelly one indeed.

Jack had overheard V.C. promising him a bottle of Chateau Margaux from 1875 and a vacation to the South of France if he came back willingly.

Jack wasn't so sure what she would do if he didn't come willingly, but he was positive the underlying threat lit a fire under Pager, who bustled back to Rinshawn.

Regardless, even if Pager was working unwillingly, V.C. didn't seem bothered. She was sitting in a corner, feet propped up on an overturned trashcan, thumbing through a paperback.

The dying remnants of the evening sun refracted through the warehouse windows, casting everything in a layer of transparent gold.

Even as the minutes ticked by, she seemed in no hurry whatsoever to move this along.

This being their entrance plan for SuperNova Industries.

Jack was the one who had come up with it in the first place. Since he had approval and clearance, he suggested that they go undercover into the company as OSHA Agents.

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