Murder Is Illegal But He Definitely Deserved It

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"Un frère est un ami donné par la nature." ~ Gabriel-Marie Jean Baptiste Legouvé


Jack cracked the door open slowly, partially prepared for an attack from V.C. When no attack came, he eased the door open all the way and took a step out.



If there was anything that he learned as a Navy Seal, it was that an attack could come at any time, from any direction.

Keeping his wits about him, Jack ambled out into the open, scanning the room carefully for any signs of a threat.

He found said threat sitting on the desk. Staring idling out the window.

From her side profile, she looked serene. Almost calm.

But Jack knew that wasn't the case.

He glanced down at the crumpled paper in his hand, the ink from the pen already blurring the letters together.

Yet, he could still read the writing.

N. Carmichael. 0800 789 321

He wonder if this man was the kind of doctor who insisted everyone called him doctor, like a certain someone sitting on a nearby desk.

Jack hoped not.

If he was going to be working with this man, he only wanted to have to deal with one doctor. And that was V.C.

Before Jack could even formulate a sentence, V.C. appeared right in front of him.

"So?" she started off. "What did the Commissioner say? Besides that she wanted your badge and gun on her desk yesterday!"

He glanced up to find a self-righteous smirk plastered across the woman's face. It was almost as if she was happy there was a possibility he would be fired.

No, that couldn't be it.

If he wasn't with the FBI, then she couldn't torment him anymore. And Jack knew that she would never give that up. It amused her too much.

He replied swiftly, still debating how much he should reveal about MI6 and the Commissioner's ultimatum. "No, she didn't fire me. In fact, I've been assigned the case. Complete control and full resources."

A strange look painted itself across V.C's face as she took a step back.

"What? She just gave you the case. . ? On what conditions?"

Jack clenched his left fist, the one which held the paper. He could feel the sharp corners of the paper prick his skin as the ink bled further.

"I take the command position of the Major Crime Division in BleedingHeart and I don't involve the local police."

A perplexed gaze filled V.C's hazel eyes as she attempted to process the information. Jack could see the wheels turning in her head as she rolled this new development around in her head.

"So. . ." she started, drawing out the word as she thought, "Let me get this straight: you told her about SuperNova, trespassing, AND my involvement. And she gave you a promotion? With no strings attached?"

Jack froze.

No strings attached?

Of course there were strings attached. There was a whole bloody spool of yarn attached to this case.

But he couldn't just tell V.C. that he was supposed to arrest her once the case was solved. That wouldn't go over very well.

So instead, he lied.

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