Classified Means Classified

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"All the secrets of the world worth knowing are hiding in plain sight." ~Robin Sloan


Any responsible person who believed in telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth, would tell their pseudo-partner about any new information regarding the case- especially when said information involved stolen Uranium and the Uzbekistan Black Market.

But V.C. never claimed to be the most responsible person in the room at any time. 

The smartest maybe, but never the most responsible. 

It wasn't that she was hiding that specific information from Jack because she didn't want him to know. It was more that she didn't want Jack to know that she knew.

Because then he would ask how she knew about the missing Uranium, probably accuse her of stealing it for fun, and then demand an explanation.

And she really really really didn't want to have to explain her background dalliances with MI6, her byzantine relationship with Domos, and especially, above all, what she actually did at Kingmaker.

V.C. made up her mind to keep mum before Jack even returned to the car.

Besides, if it really had anything to do with Mateo Emblem's murder, it would come out eventually.

And as it turned out, eventually wasn't that far in the future for Jack and V.C. . .


"Stop staring at me!"

"I'm not staring, I'm looking, there's a difference," V.C. argued. Her eyes didn't waver, instead, they pierced throughJack further as she leaned forward on a makeshift desk.

The two were back at the now-fully abandoned warehouse, devoid of any Kingmaker equipment or employees.

It was just Jack, V.C. and a whole lot of tension, pooling into every crevice, from the cement floor to the chilled glass windows.

"I can't concentrate when you do that. It's unnerving." Jack shot back at her, pivoting his body away from her. He gazed out a frost covered window, hoping to calm his heart.

He had been listening to the classical music float through the receiver of his cell phone for about half an hour, waiting on hold for Commissioner Velázquez to find the time to take his call.

He doubted the woman was busy. Instead, she was probably just making him sweat it out.

A total power move. . .

If Jack wasn't so anxious, he would be impressed. Might even take a note out of her book. But he didn't have time to be impressed, especially when his palms were sweating a liter a minute.

And why was Jack nervous to talk to Commissioner Niña 'Steamroller' Velázquez, one asks?

It wasn't as if he had just trespassed onto Government Property, broke into a secure facility, (though that was an oxymoron because if it was really secure, he couldn't have gotten in.) and allowed a civilian to accompany him. (though at this point in the case, it felt that he was the one accompanying V.C. . .)

And then said civilian had accused the United States Government of murdering a lawyer whose murder supposedly had already been solved.

Nope. Nothing like that. Of course not. . .

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