>>>>Bell's POV<<<<

Deacon and I left the nursery to give Maddy and Gage some privacy.

The guys did an excellent job it really was perfect, everything was soft and sparkly, now all the nursery needs is Baby Penny and their life will be complete and full of happiness.

I walked into the bedroom and see that Deacon is holding a folder he has a huge smile on his face.

What is that, i ask walking over to him.

But before he could answer i noticed the time. "Shit Deacon, we're late!"

We made a mad dash to the closet and quickly got dressed into our costumes, we grabbed the candy and were out the door and on the bike in less than 6 minutes.

We made it to the hospital and along with some other people from school, made our way inside.

We caught an elevator and and went straight up to the Children's ward.

It was decorated by cute little handmade decorations that the kids must've made.

"Only the rooms with the pumpkins." Deacon said smiling and taking my hand. We immediately set off to work.

The kids were so happy, a lot of them were in costumes.

Soon we were out of candy and it was time for us to go.

"Hey we'll meet you guys at the pack house, i'm gonna go change into something a little more comfortable" Tiff said taking Logan's hand.

"Hey can you grab me something to sleep in too?" I asked.

"Yeah no problem."

A few minutes later Deacon and i were back at the pack house. We started the snacks and set up everything in the basement theater room.

"So what are we watching first?" I asked while pulling out the bag of popcorn.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre." He said smiling. "The '74 version, not the one with Jessica Biel. Hey Love, did you know it's based on a real story?" He asked smirking.

"No it isn't." I said smirking right back at him.

He dropped his smirk and his eyes widened a little "Yes it is, Love it took place like right outside of Poth."

"Where's Poth? Is it here in Texas?" I asked kind of worried and embarrassed that i had just asked if Poth is in Texas.

"Yeah, it's no too far, about 36 miles from San Antonio." He said.

I did some quick math in my head, It took us about 30 minutes to get to Austin, and Austin is an hour away from San Antonio. So 36 miles from San Antonio would be another 36-40 minutes give or take. My eyes widened

"That's like a little over 2 hours from here" i said a little scared at the idea that a notorious murderer was just over 2 hours away from us.

Deacon noticed my anxiety and rushed over and pulled into his arms. "My Love, this movie took place in the early 70's. Even if it were true, Leatherface and his deranged family would be dead by now."

I took in what he said and started smacking his arm, "You Liar!"

Deacon started to laugh.

"You big fat liar!, i'm so not talking to you." I realized that he was only joking with me when he said 'EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE.'

Maddy and Gage walked in with a huge order of different chicken wings and Tiff and Logan walked in with 4 huge 3liters of soda and and a small bag that probably held my requested night clothes.