The Terrible Twist

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Klaus Baudelaire could not sleep. Even after his sisters found a safe place in a nearby deserted town to hide for the night, he still could not sleep. One of the reasons was because he had a slight fear that Count Olaf could pop out in the middle of the night and snatch him - or worse, Isadora - away from the rest of the crowd.

But the other was that he was still replaying what happened the past few hours in his mind.

He gazed down at the young poet in her peaceful slumber. Her ankle was in a funny angle, not funny as in 'ha-ha hilarious' but as in 'not usual' or 'peculiar' - not that being peculiar is a laughing matter - so he scavenged the truck and found some old (not bloody) bandages and wrapped her ankle gently. Klaus looked closely at the girl; seeing how many cute little freckles were on the bridge of her nose, how relaxed her face seems, how soft her hair looked.

Hesitantly, Klaus found himself gently running a hand through Isadora's long hazel locks of hair. It is soft, he thought to himself, repeating this action over and over slowly and affectionately. He watched as Isadora curled up closer to him. To him, this felt both awkward and right.

After a few minutes of doing this, Klaus found himself becoming more calm and sleepy. He looked down at Isadora, his eyelids getting heavier by the second. He kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "Sweet dreams, Izzy."

Then, he drifted off to a dreamless slumber, hoping nothing happened to his siblings.


Ah, young love. They can cause people to act all innocent and caring and such. Not that I've ever had the opportunity to ever fall in love...

However, that doesn't mean I don't witness it. Despite being a ten-year-old, I read books and novels, I watch movies and videos, and I spot it happening in real life, but that's rare. Because what I've learned, was that love was a dangerous thing.

For some people, if you fall for someone, you wouldn't want to make a fool out of yourself so they will try to stay as far away from them as possible. For others, they'd try to impress the love of their life, even if it involves dangerous actions just to be in their field of view for even a second. There are also people who think that if they can't get the person the normal way, they'd have to take 'necessary precautions' and do things that should not be mentioned in front of children.

But there is a kind of love which usually works; just finding common interest even in the darkest of situations. Like what my mother used to say, "Even at the darkest of the night, one must find their own spark of light." She was a wonderful woman, fierce fighter and ever so caring for my father. That was until one night, where she revealed a secret that changed their relationship forever...

Anyways, let's pick up back where we left off, which here means back to the story, in which you will see many acts of dramatic irony.

In this particular chapter, I'd like to challenge your readers. You must comment on how many acts of dramatic irony you find. I won't keep track of this myself, for I mustn't distract myself in such frivolous - a word which is a synonym of childish - games, and this will keep you occupied if you continue to read on.


The eldest Baudelaire woke up at the crack of dawn, a phrase which means very early. Usually, in books, when one wakes at the crack of dawn, it shows the readers that there was hope and happiness in the character(s) future. But as you can tell from the Baudelaire' series of unfortunate events, this only shows that Violet wanted to wake up early to plan their next move.

Violet looked at her little sister, Sunny, who fell asleep biting on part of the steering wheel. Her face was pressed against the old cushioned wheel, so Violet gently shook her shoulder. "Sunny, wake up," she whispered.

Little Sunny's eyes fluttered open and her mouth opened up to let out a quiet yawn. "Aroo gebe titep," she muttered.

Her older sister smiled. "Good morning to you too." She looked over at Duncan Quagmire, who had his face pressed against the dirty car window.

"Agru dippy?" Sunny questioned, reaching over at the eldest triplet.

Violet shrugged. "We might as well wake him up," she decided. "We still need to find out how we're getting away from Count Olaf this time."

She turned over to the male triplet, silently admiring his ability to sleep peacefully, even during the most depressing situations. She, herself, barely got a wink of sleep, a phrase which is often used when one is either too overly emotional to fall into a slumber.

Violet didn't want to wake up the young boy, for, in her opinion, she thought everyone deserves their good amount of sleep. But she knew that the time to act was now; the time for all to come together and devise a plan to stop the villainous actor who threatened he'd stop at nothing till he gets his hands on the Baudelaire fortune and the Quagmire sapphires.

The young woman gently clasped Duncan's shoulder, causing his eyes to flutter open. He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to wipe out the little crusty objects that formed in the corners of his eyes. If you're a normal person reading this, you'd know those little things are called eye boogers, and you'd know that this chapter may have a normal beginning and a normal middle but will end up having a not-so-normal ending.

I don't understand why you never heeded my uncle's warning, heeded meaning to give careful attention to and look away. You should not have to go through this life as I am currently of painfully researching and reciting the Baudelaires' and the Quagmires' life full of melancholy and despair. I advise you to leave this chapter and this book to read a more satisfying one, filled with unicorns and rainbows and ponies.




Continuing on with the story, Duncan began to stir, meaning he slowly woke up. He craned his neck towards the slightly older girl next to him and managed to smile. "Good morning, Baudelaire girls," he greeted.

Violet returned the smile, despite the fact that she knew there was nothing good about this morning; for they were on the lam from an active villain/villainous actor. "Good morning, Quagmire boy," she replied.

"Bonjour!" Sunny exclaimed, although she can't properly speak English.

The young journalist's gaze fell to the back of the truck, realizing that if Klaus and Isadora were awake, they would be talking amongst each other or the rest of the group. He locked eyes with his friends, feeling the fear begin to bubble up inside him. Violet's blue eyes quickly filled with concern, not a word exchanging between the two teenagers. All three children shot up from their seats and turned around, gazing through the rectangular window that divided the front and the back to make sure their siblings were safe.

Only to find nothing in the back seat at all except a piece of paper.

Duncan and Violet both burst out the side door and landed in the dirt. They went around the firetruck and lifted themselves up into the back. The two stood in horror at the only piece of evidence of what happened to their sibling.

With a shaking hand, Violet crouched down and plucked up the scrap. She uncrumpled it and held it out in front of her and her comrade. She read it once, then twice, then three times. Every time she read the note from their notorious nemesis, she grew more and more nervous.

A warm, comforting hand was laid upon her shoulder, for that reminded her of both good and bad news. The good news was that she still had Sunny and Duncan with her. The bad news was that she didn't have Klaus or Isadora with her.

Continue along the road till you find a hospital. For if you ever want to see your bothersome brother and troublesome triplet again, you will give me both your fortunes. 

~Count Olaf

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