Chapter 10

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Thunder crashed as lightning struck through the stormy sky on a day that was dark enough it could have been night. Predaking perched on the edge of one of the Nemesis protruding spikes. He watch Knockout descend to earth by the elevator. Were he was going the beast did not know but he had a hunch it was something he need to see. So he spread his wings and descended to the ground. Landing he looked for the entrance.

 Once he found it he entered. As he made his way through the tunnel he could hear the voices of his lord, his creator, the doctor, and the what he now new as the screamer. He had figured out that Strascream was not a femme at all just a very feminine looking mech with a voice that grades on his audio receptors. He hissed as he approached them seeing tubes that held his brethren. Screamer approached him with a pole.

"Unruly beast, you dare to roam freely without permission." He hit the predacon a few times over the face with the pole. He fell back as Predaking hissed at him and curled into a ball as the beast stepped forward. He transformed into a very tall mech and leans forward.

"Strike me again and i will bury that rode in your spark."

"I did not realize the beast was capably of transformation." Strascream said as be scudded across the cave floor away from him.

"Nor did I." Megatron said as he turned his glare to Shockwave who created the predacon in the first place.

"I am no beast." Predaking proclaimed as he walked up to one of the tubes to study his fellow predacon.

"The ability to transform is a fundamental part of cybertronian biology. We simply possessed no evidence that the predacon species ever reach that evolutionary stage, sense they became extinct in the great cataclysm." Shockwave stated.

"And now we know. GRAAAAA!" Starscream growled at the end.

"So the rumors are true. I will no longer be alone."Predaking said as he looked at the tube.

"And I see you have been keeping secrets." Megatron stepped forward not pleased. The predacon turned to him.

" It was not my intention to deceive you lord megatron. I only resonantly became aware of my ability's. All I remember of my beginning is hunting, and battle, and the wounding of my pride. And the kindness and care of the femme Thorn. Thus I began to burn with questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? The warships data banks provided historical fact, but still I possessed no memory of my own past. I began to reconsider my place in the present and wondered could I be like the others? And now I know."

"Yet you are unique. A metrical of science, cloned be Shockwave from cibernuclaic acid recovered from the remains from your mighty ancestors."


Thorn sat on the med berth, helm propped up on her servo, legs dangling over the side as she swung them back and forward. She was bored out of her mind, she has been stuck in that one spot for literally the past three days. After her little failed escape attempted there has always been a bot in the same room. They did not bother with putting restraints on her as she was no threat in her current condition. Her leg was healed but she could not put any weight on it. There was something wrong with internal mechanics and unfortunately fixing a con was very low of Ratchets to do list.

Thorn tuned out all the talk of work the bots were doing. They had been running on mission after mission all day and the commander was still asking the bots to do more. The pore guy did not get that the bots were not drones but more like a family instead.

'Wow I understand more about what a family is than an autobot that is just sad.'

He asked the doctor what the progress with the synthetic energon was and it was zip. Then he started to go on about work. Then he turned his attention to the wrecker Wheeljack and started an argument with him again. Thorn started to slip into recharge again. She starts once the prime returned from were ever he had been. He started to say things Thorn could care less about. She did however pick up on his pose as he looked at Ultra Magnus. She yawns and flops backward on the med berth not caring about the noise she make. 

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