Ep.3: The Golf War

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Your POV

It has been a few days after we went into the bunker. I've been pretty weak since then so most of the time I was just in my bed with my phone and/or journal. Mabel would stay with me most of the time. We would stay and chat for hours. Dipper however has been acting a bit... different, especially towards me. I don't know how to describe it.

That day I woke up feeling more energized than usual. I got all of my strength and got out of bed. My legs wobbled a bit, but I finally got back my balance and headed downstairs. It was tiring to to go down the stairs, but I managed. When I entered the living room, I saw Dipper sitting on the couch watching tv. As soon as he saw me his eyes widened and he ran to me.

Dipper: (y/n), what are you doing out of bed?!?

You: I woke up?

Dipper: But you're still weak!!!

You: Dip, I'm fine, seriously! It's not like my legs are broken!

Dipper: *takes you arm and starts to lead you to the couch, then forces you to sit down* You still don't have all your strength, you might loose balance and fall or- or you might hit your head or-!

You: Dipper!!! I'm alright!

Dipper: *shakes his head* R-right, right, I'm sorry.

You: Thanks for looking out for me, though.

Dipper: *blushes*

Stan: *enters holding a frying pan* Who wants Stan-cakes?!?

You: Wow, your famous Stan-cakes.

Dipper: What's so famous about them?

You: They're like normal pancakes but with Stan's hair. I think I'll pass.

Dipper: Same.

Stan: Kid, you're out of bed!

You: Yeah, it gets boring to stay all day in my room.

Stan: It's good to have you back an action.

You: It's good to be back.

Mabel: *bursts through the door* It's here!!!!! *squeals as she runs around the room* Oh, it's here it's here it's here it's here!!! I've been waiting all morning and it's finally here!!! The Gravity Falls Gossiper accepted my article about summer fashion tips for squirrels!!! My picture is gonna be the newspaper!!! *pulls out the newspaper* Check it!!!

Stan: "Pacifica Northwest declares v-necks the look of the season." What am I looking at here?

You: Yeah, v-necks are so last season.

Mabel: *looks at the journal* Wha-wha-WHAT?!?

Dipper: Looks like someone bought their way the front page.

Stan: Is it legal for a child to wear so much makeup?

You: I know, right? She's like the clown from It's unwanted child.

Dipper: Poor clown.

You and Dipper: *laugh*

Mabel: Ugh, Pacifica. She always ruins everything!

You: Aw, cheer up, M, I mean no one even reads newspapers anymore!

Soos: *bursts through the door* Dude, v-neck season is upon us!!! Who wants to help me get ahead of the fashion curve?!? I'm taking it one step further, with the w-neck!!! *starts to cut his shirt* Must. Follow. Newspaper!

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