Pregnant For Mr Wrong || 💔

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I got up this morning feeling wonderful. I looked out the window and saw my neighbor kissing his wife before heading off to work and it made me feel even better. Some day I'm gonna marry Mr right and have kids. After i solve one of the biggest case of course and earn some good money. I showered , did my hygiene then did my hair in a messy bun. I slid on my black ankle heels and admire my fashionova over jeans and black jacket smiling to myself then grabbed my gucci bag.

I jogged downstairs where my sister was making breakfast.  "Hey sissy poo " i said kissing her on the cheeks and grabbed a bacon stuffing my face

"Issy ! " she said mugging me as i laughed and rushed out to my car.

I was driving to work when i forgot i had a doctors appointment. "Shit" i said turning around the car.

My phone started to go off and it was bae.

"Hey baby " i said picking it up.

"Hey bae i got the shoe u wanted " he said

"You did " i said excited

Ren Pov

"Girl after we had sex last night four rounds straight and after he throw the condoms on the floor then knock the fuck out so i got all of them squeeze out every single drop of his sperm and store it in a container in the fridge" i sad laughing as molly looked at me crazy.

"And how didn't he notice you hid his shit in the fridge" she said raising on of her eyebrows

"I left early in the morning before he got out bed " i said smiling

"You crazy " she said and rolled her eyes

"He's  rich moll come on " i said rubbing my fingers.

"Yeah whatever " she said shaking her head

" I'm going in to the clinic today for the insemination i already booked a appointment " i said doing my hair in a ponytail as molly focus on her phone sitting on the bed.

"If you think a baby is going to trap him your wrong " she saud still focusing on her phone

" watch and see " i said sliding on my red bottoms.

Marcel Pov.

"Please marcel " james cried  sitting in a chair tied up.

"You robbed from me james and we've been friends 6 years now why you do that,  you stealing more than a year now " i sad leaning my head to the side

"No no please I'll pay you back " he said begging

"Okay how about this " i said shotting him the head

"Clean this shit up " i said walking out of the basement.

I went to my office and lit my blunt as i lean back in my chair and think about how stupid i was looking while this nigga steal from me.

"Marcel" tony said walking in.

"I don't wanna hear shit from any of you y'all  " i said getting up and slamming the door.

I took my phone up to call lilly cause i was feeling for some good good. I'd call ren but she's beginning to get really annoying lately talking about settling done blah blah and I'm not ready for that shit.


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