Arts and Crafters x Gotta Sweep human ver. {Warning: Smut} {Part 2}

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Here is part 2, there will be a part 3 because it will be hard to type because I have a dog on my lap and I'm in an awkward position

Arts and Crafters' POV

I was walking to Gotta Sweep's house to spend the night since it was the start of the weekend and the end of the school day. Gotta Sweep told me that it was a movie night, which made me excited since I love watching movies with friends and my crush. 

Gotta Sweep's POV

I was setting up the blanket and pillows for us to lay on and probably nap. The popcorn was in a large bowl and some drinks were out for us to drink. I found some movies for us to watch and heard someone knock, I was hoping it was Arts and Crafters. Once I opened the door I saw the adorable grey sweater wearing boy. 

Sorry that's all I have, also I am trying to blast through all these waiting requests I have written down

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