Baldi x Child! Reader

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Thank you INeedBleach123 for requesting this

(Y/N)'s POV

I walked from the orphanage to my new school. The school seemed frightening to me but I got used to looking at the old building. I felt like home there but I knew none of the staff would want me. That's what I thought until one day, something changed my life.

Baldi's POV

I noticed that one of the days after school, that no one came to pick (Y/N) up but he/she walked in the direction of the orphanage. It was strange to see a student walk from, let alone live at the orphanage. I decided that I was going to adopt her/him, I did care about them a lot like they were my own child. I talked to my husband, Principal, about the idea and he loved it. 

No one's POV

The next, the adoption papers from (Y/N) was completed and turned in. (Y/N) grew up to be a teacher and had a happy life. You can make a different ending for yourself

Sorry this was short, had no ideas on how to do this, had a dog in my lap and my friend was texting me so I am so sorry this was short but I hoped you liked it. I am still taking requests.

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