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Mary's POV

I woke up to someone massaging my head . I turn to see Ethan on his phone while he gave me a massage. I put my hand on his thigh slowly dragging it down making him shiver .

He pulled my hand off of his thigh . He slipped my hand into his boxer briefs . He made my hand cup his privates . He left my hand in there then he put his hand over mine through the boxers making me move my hand all over .

"Fuck ." He muttered under his breath.

His head was thrown back in pleasure.

I quickly slipped my hand out and smacked his chest lightly.

"Ethan Dolan you're literally so fucking weird ." I chuckled .

"No I'm just getting a bit more freaky when it comes to you ." He said while giving me a mischievous smirk.

I slipped off the bed and ran into the guest room where Grayson was peacefully sleeping. I jumped on him and kissed him all over his face . Except his lips . I'm not gonna disrespect Ethan like that.

I felt two strong arms pull me off of him and take me back to my room . Ethan held my hips with a firm grip  as he gave me wet kisses on my neck .

I giggled a bit because they tickled .

"Aw your giggles are so adorable." He awed .

I covered my face . I felt a blush appear .

"Princess why are you covering your beautiful face ." He uncovered my face making the blush on my face be noticed.

"You're going to be my little girl tomorrow. Be ready to be spoiled in every which way ." He pecked my cheek .

"But today I have  boys night  and I won't be back until later . I love you but I gotta go ." He pecked my lips and like that he left out the apartment.


As I'm in my room watching Coco  I heard sniffles. I walked into the room Grayson was in and found him crying .  I took a seat next to him .

"Grayson what are you crying?" I ask him .

"My girlfriend broke up with me cause I found out  she had cheated."He cried .

I took him into my arms and let him cry .  I felt his pain . I've been through it too and I know it's not the best .

"It's ok Grayson you're going to be ok ." I rubbed his back .

"Was I not good enough. Did she want me to dress better . Did she want me to be taller . I can't never make a girl stay or happy .I'm worthless. None of these girls get me all they want to use me for is for sex . I'm useless." He cries more .

"Grayson please baby don't cry , I hate to see my best friend cry . Your perfect girlfriend is out there somewhere don't put yourself down because she cheated on you ." I hug him tighter.

"Come on lets go out for a drive . Let's go clear your mind." And I knew just the place .

We arrived at the destination. We got off of the car and lied down on the hood . It was the same  place I  found when I came to that day I ran away from Ethan .

"The stars are so beautiful." He said .

"Look at that one it's so bright ." I pointed at the biggest brightest star .

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