Who Are You Really?

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His fingertips grazed over his LED, he sighed.  "I don't lik-..I don't find the comments to be pleasant, but I just focus on my mission to end the deviancy in Detroit." His voice was both cold and understanding, he cut himself off when he began a sentence displaying preference. 

"Well, I don't like that you have to correct yourself when you show a little personality.  Deviant or not, personality and synthetic emotion is better biting your tongue to please those who don't care about you. Not everyone is bad, Hank seems nice enough, but you don't know the treatment androids like me get.  And I know you've been mistreated, comments thrown about, I could hear them when I touched your hand.  Plastic, machine, worthless, unimportant.  That's not something anyone likes to be called, like it or not androids have a conscience and those words and bad actions wear down on a person.  Androids like the one on the roof, he loved that little girl, but so much neglect and betrayal would destroy someone." I opened my eyes and noticed the footage had loaded up.  Connor's eyes stared up at me, I wish I could know what he was thinking. 

"How were you mistreated?" His voice caught me off guard, should I tell him? 

"Do you know what model I am? What style of android?  I was a toy to my master, all for his sick pleasure.  I was made for nothing more, but the worst part is that I wasn't one of those androids in the Eden Club, I was his own personal android.  You think the treatment is bad there? Well you've never seen what a heartless bastard will do without consequence." I grabbed his hand, our metallic fingertips lining up.  I let him in, let him see only the abuse, not the sex.  Breaking limbs, cigarette burns, removing my biocomponents if I refused, the time he beat me with a piece of the bed post he ripped off, and so on. 

When I exited my mind, my breaths were shaky and tears fell from my eyes like a waterfall.  I backed away from Connor, he didn't say anything.  But he gripped my hand.  Connor stood up and stood in front of me.  He stood high over me, I shrunk below his height. 

His LED was red, his eyes glossed over.  He looked me in the eye, he didn't let go of my hands.  It oddly makes me think that part of him enjoys the contact.  I felt weak, I had most of those memories blocked out.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and let tears fall onto his jacket.  I couldn't see his face but I could tell he didn't know how to react. 

Despite this, his LED illuminated against my skin with a blue color.  I smiled to myself.  A deviant hugging an android designed to take down deviants.  If this isn't the perfect example of irony, I don't know what is.

After a few moments, I pulled back from him.  "I-I think we should watch the tapes..Hank will get suspicious soon." Redness crept onto my face, I looked away.  He stared at me,  his programming might be making him confused, I don't think he's ever had so much physical contact before. 

I giggled, "You're adorable when you don't know how to react." I smiled and placed my cold hand against his cheek.  I walked back over to the chair and moved the security tape footage to begin late afternoon. 

"You still have your LED." His voice was calm.  I nodded, brushing the hair behind my ear exposing the glowing ring.  I'm a dark room, it's no surprise he saw it. 

Connor hit play on the video, "there!" He pointed at a woman and a little girl.  The android was stealing a pair of wire cutters. 

"Why would she needs wire cutters?" I furrowed my brows and I leaned back on the chair. Connor spoke up, "Let's go look outside, maybe there's something it needed to cut."

It.  I hate that that's how CyberLife makes us think about each other.  I covered my LED. 

Connor and I walked out of the store and headed over to Hank and a rude looking cop standing not to far away.  I ran to Hank's car and set my coat and hat on the seat.  The air was chilly but the extra clothing would only slow me down.  My boots splashing in the puddles on the street.  As Connor was telling Hank about the android, a hole in the wire fence surrounding an abandoned house caught my attention.  I reached to grab Connor's sleeve.  He and Hank turned to look where I was looking. 

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