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+theo's pov+

i squeal quietly, giggling as i hear the boys searching the house for me, calling my name every so often. it's been about 15 minutes, and they have no idea where i am! i crawl to the door of the tight space slowly, opening it slightly and checking around the guest room for any older boys.

i open it more as i see the door closed, no one in sight, and crawl out quietly, heading straight for the bed. i hear the door open slowly, and i dive under the bed, a small thud being heard throughout the room. poop. now they will find me.

i crawl right to the back of the bed, putting a few storage boxes in front of me, so hopefully, the boys will only see the storage boxes. oh no. i forgot, the bed has another side. i turn around frightfully, and as i look out of under the bed, i scream in terror as i am greeted with a smiling elijah, who is just casually laying next to me, not saying a word.

i bang my head against the wooden bed, a loud sob wracking my body. "lijahhhh!" i cry, iving him grabby hands. his face turns from happy to concerned in a millisecond, and he pulls me from beneath the bed, checking my head from any obvious signs of trauma. he rubs my head slightly, soothing the sore patch, as the sobs stop, and i'm greeted by another two boys, who have the same concerned expressions as elijah.

"hi, lijah, nowah an'  hunty" i yawn tiredly, wanting nothing more than to sleep right now. crying sure does wear me out.

"i wan sleepy" i pout, closing my eyes slightly.

"oh no no  no baby boy, we have to keep you awake for a little bit okay? we need to make sure you haven't hit your head too bad." he says, shaking his head slightly and kissing my forehead.

"otay. i hav stawbies?" i ask, my stomach grumbling.

"of course!" noah smiles. "want pancakes too?" he asks. i just nod, my body too weak t do anything else. i just want my dad- i mean elijah, noah and hunter to take care of me.

thinking about it now, maybe i should let them be my daddies? hmmm. okay! i will.

"hunty? lijah? nowaa?" i ask, my head looking up at the three boys, who are indulged in their own conversations.

they all immediately turn their heads to me, smiles on their faces.

"yes, baby?" hunter replies, kissing my forehead,  blush making it's way to my cheeks.

"do oo wanna be mah daddies? coz i need taking cawe of and oo do it sooo good!" i smile, giggling slightly as i fail to pronounce 'care.'

i look back up to them. they are all looking at me, awestruck.

"hewwooo?" i call, and they all seem to snap out of their trances, all nodding their heads and tackling me with hugs and kisses.

"of course!" noah cheers, getting up and out of the group hug.

"i'm gonna go make us all pancakes now, my babies" he smirks, and the other two growl at them being called 'babies.'

he sticks his tongue out, running out of the room childishly, the boys following soon after.

they are going to be great daddies! i just know it!

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