Sakura goes nuts

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Angels Don't Exist ch 19

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-Chapter 19-Sakura goes nuts-

-Misas POV-

I walked through Konoha all alone, not bothering training today, though Kakashi was expacting me on the training grounds about half an hour. But sucks to be him, beause I am not going. Hah.

I smiled a little bit as I smelled ramen. Maybe I should eat? I walked into the ramen shop, sitting down.

"The first time here?" A man behind the table asked and I nodded with a grin. "Then it's our treat!"

My face shined up. "Thanks a lot!" I said, ordering a Miso ramen, just because I loved Miso soup. It was also almost like my name! Miso= Misa! I giggled.

Someone took a seat beside me, but I didnt bother about that. I got my ramen, and started to eat, enjoying. Now I get why Naruto loves this so much...

Recently I started to avoid everyone, my whole team. I haven't seen them for about a week, only accidntlly bumped into Kakashi, who said that I have to train.

'But I don't want to train...' I whined (sp?), finishing off my ramen.

"Misa!" I heard someone exclaim. I turned around and silently groaned. Sakura.

"What now?" I wondered rudely, walking out from the ramen shop. She narrowed her eyes, and I did right back at her.

"I still hate you-"

"Thank god." I inturapped her, smirking.

"But." She sighed. "Naruto and Sasuke has been worried about you. What happened?"

I sighed in annoyence. "Nothing that you should know." Then I noticed someone standing behind Sakura, holding her hand. I took a step aside, and noticed a boy around the age of 6.

"Who's that?" I wondered, pointing at the black haired boy.

"My little brother." She said, and my jaw dropped.

"B-b-but you are nothing alike!" I exclaimed and rushed towards him. "Look! He is pretty!"

I dodged a Sakura punch there.

"No, but really. Look at him. The only thing you two have in common is the green eyes... Though his are darker." I poked his cheek, and he giggled. "KAWAII!!!" I screamed, holding my head.

"My mother is black haired." Sakura said and I frowned.

"So that makes your father a pinkette?" I sweatdropped as holding in my giggles, picturing a guy with pink hair. She sighed.

"You are really stupid Misa... No, my father has also black hair. I was adopted."

My eyes widened. "So you don't have a family? Like me, Naruto and Sasuke...and Kakashi?!"

Wow what a cool team we are... All wothout families...

She shook her head. "I have." She mentionned her brother and I got it. This was her family now.

I smiled sadly. "I want also a family..." I whispered, still looking at the boy. There was something mystical in his eyes... Hmm...

"What happened to your family?" I wondered, standing up. She sighed.

"They were killed in a mission when I was only 2."

I frowned. "I can't even remember what happened to my family..." Then I caught myself. 'Why the hell am I talking to her?!' I thought, turning my back to her. I looked once more at the boy.

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