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I was planning to continue this for little more, but as I mentioned in earlier chapter, I came to India for bachelors and 2 years has passed since I last uploaded that chapter lol

So I decided, I'm concluding this random book here. It's quite ironic the chapter after 'HELLO!' is 'BYE!' but I hope you understand and I hope you enjoyed reading this book. I had enjoyed writing this, but I don't watch Hindi serials at all, not even when I go home so there's no way I can upload again. So here comes our goodbye. *sobs*

I hope you have great day! And if you wanna check out actual stories I write, do visit my profile to check it up.

And to whoever read the previous chapter full, and whoever is interested to know, here is update on my life in college:

So, last time I uploaded, I was in first year and 2 years has passed and now I'm in third year. Well, I wont go into all the specific details but it has been like some roller coaster ride in this college. I made Indian friends too, like I wished. I made some new friends, lost some old ones but that's how life is.

About the food, I still don't like the food given in mess, but after visiting my friend's home so many times, I realized it's the mess food that sucks, not all South Indian dish. There are still many things I cant eat, but I discovered so many things I can eat and I'm happy about it. 

And about first year uniform, now that I come to think of it, it's better to have uniform than not having it. Because we don't have washing machine here and have to wash clothes on our own. We can give to dhobi (dry cleaning) but I had very bad experience with dhobi before so I'm never doing that again. So, the point is, when there was uniform, we didn't have to worry about repeating same clothes consecutive days and washed clothes once a week and that was only uniform and the clothes I wear in room as I didn't go out so often. But now, I have to keep track of clothes I wear in college and wash them too, so I miss the days when I didn't have so much washing to do.

As per subject teacher, I encountered many other teachers like the one I mentioned before but there were many teachers who was really amazing so cant really complain about that. And the college system is getting worse, specifically the exam format. If in case I die this semester, please file complaint against exam for brutally murdering college student. 

Well, that'll be all for this book. Thank you so much for keeping up with all the bullshits I had been writing! It means so much that there are people who came to this point of the book. I hope I made you laugh at some points.

So that's it!

Hope to see you in another stories of mine! :)



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