Chapter 56

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The amount of thoughts that circled my head in the short five minutes that we were sat in the school office were enough to surpass my entire mental capacity for the previous week and made the five minutes seem like five days.

Not only had I managed to land myself in insurmountable trouble, but I had also pissed Jade and Alex off on a grand scale to exceed all others. I knew that there would be consequences – not just in school, but with them too.

Technically, it was my fault we got caught, my fault that Jade had been hurt, and my fault that we were probably about to be expelled.

And to top off a fabulous day, they would be calling my dad. I don’t think I would have been as bothered as I was if that hadn’t been the case. My mum would have been bothered – obviously – but not as bothered as Matt.

He was going to kick off with me so much so that I doubted I’d ever see the light of day again. And if he and my mum were still together, I wouldn’t even be allowed out of my room. Maybe there were some benefits to the situation.

Shortly before their mums arrived, I felt the cold and calculating stare of both Jade and Alex fall on me. They had been whispering in the corner, but I hadn’t been tuned in enough or close enough to them to hear what it was they had been saying.

Although, it was decidedly apparent through their tone that it was about me. I was simply trying not to care.

I aimlessly drummed my fingers on my leg as the stares became more awkward and intimidating, hoping that someone would come through to speak to us, or their parents would arrive. And to add to it all, the alcohol and weed had left me feeling slightly sick.

They didn’t even need to say anything to me for their emotions and newly deep seeded hatred to emanate from them. I kind of sat there, glancing at them peripherally as I pretended that I hadn’t noticed their glares.

I thought that if I didn’t acknowledge them, then maybe they would stop. But, as my luck would have it, they were rather persistent and I realised that only when I looked at them would they stop.

Eventually, I persuaded myself to turn my head lightly so that my gaze rested on them. Their faces read nothing but contempt and I knew that I wasn’t going to get off easily from what had just happened.

“I hope you realise that we’re not going to let you get away with this” Jade scowled, still forcefully squeezing down on her arm to stop the bleeding. “We’d send someone to break something of yours…but I guess that’s already been done.”

I nodded.

“Although” Alex smirked, “there is something we both agree on. Your stupid cousin could do with another lesson, really.”

I sighed. I had no idea what they wanted me to do to Midge, but I’d hurt her enough. I’d destroyed her life enough. I couldn’t possibly do anything else. I’d have rather taken the beatings myself than do something that would worsen my relationship with Midge – if I still even had one.

She was my cousin – she was family. I couldn’t possibly let her take the consequences of my own stupidity. If the rest of the family found out, they’d probably find another way to let me know that I wasn’t welcome.

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