Reve sat in the back, tuning out Collins and Eddie. Instead she took note of the surroundings as they drove by.  The road was littered with long ago abandoned vehicles and as nature will, had begun to reclaim the man-made roads.

What appeared to be luggage, now spoilt flapped in the wind as if nature herself was waving goodbye. A bedraggled and rather depressing looking teddy with an eye missing stared as they drove by.

This scene haunted Reve, as the memory of a story her Mother told resurfaced.  How the people of the world knew their place. Were happy more or less, going to work and earning money, even travelling to the other side of the world to enjoy a holiday. In that world the only dangers were those man made. She made it sound so safe, so carefree that Reve would often pretend she lived in that world. But the harsh realities would always resurface.

The world now was like a half-eaten apple left to rot. Some places had been completely destroyed by the Draconians. Setting up their own military bases, and completely devastating that area, consuming what natural resources they found. No human dared approach those sites. The aliens still used the evacuation cover to take whoever they wanted, and it was still on going.

Reve had heard whispered rumours of humans willingly serving the invading aliens. Selling out their own kind. They would travel from town to town, village to village wiping out every human being for their own selfish ends.

A man had once tried to do the same to a small village when Reve had been but a babe in arms. The villagers had found out very quickly the nature of this stranger and put a swift end to his murdering ways. They left him to hang on the outskirts with a sign around his neck which read one word ‘Traitor’.

Reve’s family left before the man was judged, but word reached them that the village was now a ghost town. The aliens had caught up with their quarry and not a single soul had survived.

"We're here." Said Eddie.

She looked around awakened from her day dreaming and was astonished at what she saw. This was a whole different scene to the abandoned cars she saw earlier. As they turned up a dirt track, the trees thinned out. And there in front, was line upon line of army issued Land rovers. Further to the right was what looked like a landing strip. A chain link fence stretched as far as the eye could see, with watch towers at every 500 yards.

Collins whistled, "Now that's a sight for sore eyes Eddie.” Collins was grinning. He looked like a kid who'd been given the best present ever.

Eddie chuckled, "Collins, you haven't seen anything yet. Let me get you two settled and I'll show you around."

Eddie took the lead as Reve and Collins followed. They entered the main gate when Reve heard the electricity humming.

“Electrified fences.” Explained Collins.

Eddie directed them both into a chalet styled building, its white walls a stark contrast against the green of the trees that surrounded the place. People, some in uniform, others in civilian clothing were walking around but each carried a weapon. They eyed the newcomers with distrust but no one approached.

As the trio walked in through the large ornate glass doors, the entire place was transformed.

"Welcome to Base Alpha," said Eddie.

Both Collins and Reve stood there stunned but Collins was the first to speak, recovering himself quickly.

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