The Summer After

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I tried to empty myself of any emotions while staring blankly at the gloomy grey sky. The drizzling rain intermixed with salty tears that relentlessly streamed down my face, making it a waste of time to wipe it dry. Breathing hurt, feeling like my throat was being scratched to shreds from every lungful of the chilly, humid air.

Don't look anyone in the eye Harry or you'll see 'the look' you always get from everyone who's not Hermione or a Weasley.

Trembling quaked my exhausted, battered body as I held my head high, in hopes of looking like the strong hero that everyone expects of the 'Chosen One.' I was burdened with the feeling of guilt that I didn't keep everyone as safe as I should have done and standing in the midst of dozens of witches and wizards made that feeling more cumbersome.

"Fred Weasley was..." I stopped listening to the pastor for fear of cracking under the weight of the truth filled words that were meant to comfort the ocean of sad, tear-streaked faces of family and friends that were gathered to lay the beloved twin to rest.

A drop of water hit me in the eye, taking me away from this place for a moment, and I thought of how often I'd been rained on over the six days that were filled with funeral after funeral since the end of the Second Wizarding War.

The rain that I used to find invigorating and rejuvenating, had become melancholy and dispiriting; as if the very sky had torn itself open and was weeping over the hundreds of lost souls from the battles leading up to Voldemort's defeat.

Don't think about that you git!

Without thought, my eyes traveled along the mournful faces of the redheaded clan that surrounded the nearly inconsolable Molly who was desperately clinging to the lone twin. Georges familiar face made it hard for me to keep it together as flashes of first meeting Fred, Ron and the other Weasleys that were at Kings Cross Station on that fateful day almost eight years ago.

I'd been so full of nerves and shaking like a leaf when Hagrid had left me at the train station to find platform 9 3/4. I'd gotten no help from any of the 'knowledgeable employees' that were on duty when Molly Weasley's motherly voice ushered five of her children along to where I needed to be.

I'd quietly followed behind listening to the group chatter excitedly about Hogwarts and all the friends that they were excited to reunite with. Once the group stopped, I stared in wonderment as Mrs. Weasley direct each of her children through the entrance to the platform, starting with Percy.

I practically choked on air when watching the snooty red-head walk through the brick wall without any of the dozens of people around taking notice. Immediately I was drawn to Fred and George's playful natures as they stirred up trouble with their mother by confusing her on what twin was who, before following their brother through the wall.

When finally mustering up the courage, I asked the kind-eyed Mrs. Weasley about platform 9 3/4; she told me that I needed to, "Walk straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Do it with a bit of a run - if you're nervous."

The memory of the twins taking pity on me in my third year and gave me the Marauder's Map saying that my need was greater than theirs was one of my favorites. It had been the final thing that bound me to them as 'brothers' - they truly loved me as family does, and I felt the same way towards them.

Another bittersweet memory of the joy on Fred's face the first time I came in to see the lively Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes shop that he and George had built from the ground up. The amount of differing items for any situations such as love potions, Ten-Second Pimple Vanishers along with oddities like U-No-Poo and Demon Dung, were mind-boggling. I always found something new and was impressed that the twins could bring joy to people even during such dark and trying times.

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