Chapter 7

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MayMay's POV:


Stupid alarm, I turned it off and sat up. I stood up and stretched and then went to get my clothes for today and went to my bathroom and took a shower. After my shower I did everything else in my routine and put on my clothes.

 After my shower I did everything else in my routine and put on my clothes

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After I'm done, I went my to my room and fixed my stuff and went down. When I got down I heard the tv, I guess Mama was watching. I saw her there watching and eating food and then she saw me and I smiled, she is still my mother

"Good Morning Ma, I'll just get some food and I'll go na rin" I said and she just turned back to the tv and I sighed, I miss my Mama. I shook the thoughts out of my head and went to the kitchen and I just got some cereal and after I'm done I put my bowl in the sink and got my stuff

"Ma I'll go ahead na po" I said, no response I sighed once again and walked the door and walked to Marco's house. When I got to his house I knocked on his door and he opened the door with a smile

"Good Morning Ate May!" He said and gave me a hug

"Mornin' Bebe boy" I said and we pulled away

"Tara, I just finished eating" He said and I nodded my head and we walked in and he got his stuff and said goodbye to his mom

"Bye po Ma, alis na po kami ni Ate May" He said and Tita just nodded and looked at me and I gave her a smile

"Alis na po kami Tita" I said and she smiled back

"Sige, take care ha, be good, behave" She said and we nodded our head and she walked over to me and gave me a hug, Tita was always like mother to me.

"MayMay how many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to call me Tita, you can call me Mama, I know naman what you've been through eh, you're like a daughter to me already" She said and I smiled and pulled away from the hug

"Thank you po Mama Anne, you and Mama Carrie stood up as my mother na rin these pass few years, thank you thank you po talaga" I said and she nodded her head

"No problem MayMay, you took care of my son naman eh and you made him happy, parang magkapatid na nga kayo eh, that's why parang anak na rin kita" She said and I smiled

"Sige po Ma we'll go ahead na po" Marco said and Mama Anne nodded her head and me and Marco walked out the door

"Grabe Te May, I think my mom loves you more than me" He said and I shook my head

"Hindi naman, your mother loves you, she just treats me like a daughter, because you're like a brother to me" I said and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder

"Sana nga you're my real sister so you would have a good life, I will always take care of you, you would never get hurt" He said and I smiled

"I have a good life naman eh, because you and Kisses are in my life" I said

"Sus ang cliche naman natin, tara na nga, let's go na to Kisses' house" He said and we laughed ad walked to Kisses' house. When we got there I knocked on the door and Mama Carrie opened the door

"Good Morning Mama Carrie!" Me and Marco said and she smiled at us

"Good Morning kids, Kisses is almost done with her breakfast, c'mon, she's in the kitchen" She said and we nodded our heads and went in and went to the kitchen and Kisses was there eating her breakfast and then she saw us

"Oh you guys are here na pala, I'm almost finished, sit down" She said

"Mornin' Bebe girl" I said and sat down on the stool on her right

"Mornin' bunso" Marco said and sat down on the stool on her left and then we waited for her to finish her food and we just talked. After she finished her food she put her plate in the sink and kissed her Mom's cheek and got her stuff

"Mommy we'll go ahead na po" She said and Mama Carrie just nodded her head

"Sige ha, you guys take care of each other, listen to your teacher ha" She said and we nodded our heads and I walked over to her and kissed her cheek and Marco did the same

"We'll go ahead na po" I said and she smiled. We walked out the door and started our walk to school.


We were just walking to school when we heard a voice

"Hey Guys" Someone said and I turned around and saw Edward

"Oh Edward what are you doing here?" I asked

"Ah I live around here" He said and I just nodded my head

"Sabay ka na saamin" I said and he nodded his head and then we continued to walk pero I'm so tired na school is like 15 minutes away pa, it's a good thing nalang I left home early.

"Grabe bay pagod na ako" I said and we stopped walking and they looked at me

"Tara na Ate May, I'll carry you nalang" Marco said and I just looked at him

"Not it's fine, I can do it pa naman" I said

"I'll do it nalang Marco, I'm her boyfriend I should be the one to carry her." Edward said and we just looked at him

"I said I'm fine, tara na let's continue walking na" I said and Edward just shook his head

"Nope I'm carrying you" Edward said and he got my stuff and gave it to Marco and he bent down

"C'mon get on" He said and I looked at the others and they just nodded their heads

"Sige Na nga" I said and got on his back and he grabbed my thighs to make sure I won't fall

"Edward ha, if Ate May falls yari ka sakin" Marco said

"Tara na lets go na" Edward said and we continued our walk to school. When we got to school people were looking at us and I just held my head down.

"Let's go to your locker na" Edward said and I nodded my head and we all walked to our lockers and got our stuff. When we got to my locker I told Edward to put me down and he did as I said. I got my stuff from Marco and fixed my stuff

"Okay I'm done, well let's go na to class, I don't want to be late" I said and they nodded their heads and we walked to the classroom and Edward had his arm wrapped around my shoulder. When we got to the classroom we saw Heaven with Paulo and I looked at Edward and he was already looking at them and I just grabbed his arm and squeezed it and he looked at me

"Don't mind them, we'll succeed you'll get her back soon" I said to him and he nodded his head and smiled at me and we went to our seats and then class started.


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