The Fuse

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I woke dazed, my headache still raging on. Realising I had collapsed, I quickly got up and dusted myself off. "Hopefully nobody saw that..." I thought through my pulsing mind. Darkness had come and the land was covered in shadows, making me feel safe. I causally made my way towards my house, ivy climbing up its ivory walls. My house was sandwiched between the busy markets of my town, almost hiding in plain sight. I twisted the silver key and reluctantly pushed open the door.

Carol came storming towards me, anger in her sunken eyes. "AURORA! Where have you been?! It's been 5 hours!" Paul stood behind her and folded his arms in disapproval. "I know! I'm fine!" I blurted out, walking straight past them. Bumping into Carol's shoulder purposefully, she whipped her head at me. "What has gotten into you?!" I stared at her with cold eyes. "I said, I'm fine." Carol's eyes widened in shock and then a smile crept upon her chapped lips. "Ok then." The stairs wailed as my scuffed trainers pounded on them. My bedroom greeted me once more.

I stared at my digital clock, its neon letters blaring in the darkness. 10:27 PM. Sighing, my mind wandered with thoughts about when I collapsed. It wasn't like the other times I have collapsed before but they weren't as vivid as that. It almost felt real. The woman and the man, the rose field, the mirror image. Those words.... I replayed those beautiful words like a broken record. I sighed as something seemed familiar with it. But how, I wondered, a girl with amnesia can remember a strange language?

"Tebek'elachewi, yewedek'ewimi meli'āki......Tebek'elachewi, yewedek'ewimi meli'āki......."

Sleep wasn't coming to any time soon so I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed in the most comfortable outfit I had. My leggings and hoodie were as dark as the night sky, concealing me from those who may see me. Walking to the window, the abyss was dotted with the city lights. Like stars. I reached for the handle with my slender hands and turned slowly. Eventually, it opened.

The rush of cold air filled the room and the sound of the nightlife was as loud as ever. Drunken men slouched over each other at the bars and wasted women dragged themselves with their stilettos. Friday night can get crazy. Cars drove through the crowded streets, their wheels scuffing on the ancient cobbles. It seemed so interesting to me, the night. Mysterious. I had nothing to lose and instinct took over. Climbing out the window, I made my way down the walls and onto the ground below. I was free.

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People walked up and down the street in search of the closest bar to them. The stench of alcohol made my nose wrinkle. Lights flashed onto me like spotlights and the noise of the crowds hurt my ears. I listened to a few catcalls but that was natural to me. I didn't care. Walking at the side of the road, the darkness shrouded me. As I reached the bar, a man blocked me, his beer held loosely in one oversized hand.

"Hey! Where are you going? You look too beautiful to be in this shithole!" He slurred, spit flying out of his mouth. He was around 6"4 with grey hair and stubble. "Probably 50." I thought as he moved me back with his huge body. Anger fizzed in my brain. "Unharmed me!" I shouted loudly.

"Ohhhhh! We have a feisty one! Oi fellas!" The drunk called his friends over, one of them being a girl. All of them were obviously drunk, their liver probably having the workout of its life. The girl spat, "Who's this whore? Has she been pissing you off, Garett?" The man smiled. "Yeah! I think she wants to FIGHT!"

Everyone turned their heads at them over the commotion and slowly got up from their seats at the word "Fight". They cheered, booed and whistled. All of a sudden, I felt the weight of a truck slam into my jaw, making the world tilt. I stumbled violently and managed to stabilise myself. Rubbing it, I stared at the woman, ice in my eyes.

I don't know what happened but it was like a light switch. One moment I was fine. The next I was smiling, anger boiling in my cold blood. Those words that once made no sense to me unscrambled itself before me.

Tebek'elachewi, yewedek'ewimi meli'āki......

The woman and her companions stopped smiling in confusion and gazed upon me. I giggled. Then I laughed. Eventually, it turned a hysterical cry. Once I calmed down, I stared dead into her helpless eyes. "You want to fight?" I said, a grin adorning my beautiful face.

"I'll give you a fucking fight, bitch."

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