Sonoda Umi (Special)

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For this special, Muse was never created, Umi is a third year and you are a first year, nothing more to say, let's go!


Sonoda Umi x Reader

For My Beloved One

Your POV

Second half of the school year...

A part of me just wants to quit, you know, to just surrender. Maybe I'm being melodramatic, maybe I'm a exaggerating but if you see my situation you would understand why. I'm lonely, even if I have friends that support me I can't help but to feel this way. They just don't know me, they don't know my past and they will never know, they mustn't know, I can't let them...

Again, I'm walking through these halls, this time seeing my current crush. She is, how can I say, cute in her own way. She is a little bit antisocial but she makes an effort for blending in. Her name was Aiko-san, a friend of mine that I met when we started high school.

Someone will say that she captured my heart right at the time I looked at her but funny enough she didn't. What happens to me is curious, I can't know if I'm in love. The typical signs just don't show in me and if they do is because I want them to, because I don't want to feel like I have just given up. I cannot blush, I don't stutter, I don't think about a happy ending because deep inside I know that even if we get together, we will separate short after, this have been always like this and even more now...

"Aiko-san..." I called her attention, she was talking to someone I haven't met just yet.

"(Y/N)" She called mine and walked towards me. "What happen?"

"Nothing, just wanted to know who is your friend over there..." She let out a soft giggle and turned to see her friend.

"Just someone I met..." She smiled when she said those words. I know I only have met her for a few months but for me that's enough to realize that she is in love with her friend.

"I won't disturb you then" I smiled and winked towards her before walking away.

This was hard, so difficult to manage. But for some reason it doesn't hurt, who am I to lie like this, it has never hurt and I don't know why...

In the middle of my train of thought I happened to bump with someone at the halls. We both fell down to the floor, both of our bags spilling all of our contents to the floor.

"That hurt..." I said before looking at the girl I just crashed with. She had dark blue hair, amber eyes that shone with great intensity and reflected innocence. When she looked at me I could already tell that she was nervous, in fact she was stuttering.

"S-S-Sorry..." I just smiled at her and started picking up my stuff. We didn't say anything else while we put the things that fell of our bags back where they belonged.

Then, I stood up and offered her my hand. She gladly accepted it and I helped her to come back into her feet. After that, we just continued with our lives, she walked across me as I did the same towards my usual spot.

For getting to my favorite spot in the school, I had to walk up the stairs of it. In case that you can't guess it is the rooftop. Once I was there I went to seat on the floor leaning my back on the railing of the rooftop. I left my bag on the floor beside and me and stretched a little.

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