tick tock

9 2 0

Is it my life
With you behind my back
Holding a knife
Tumbling like a unsteady stack

You ready for when I turn
Waiting patiently
For me who was stuburn
Waiting silently

Nah new one:

Tick tock
My brain went on
Tick tock
Struggling for so long

I fell into a hole
I turned into a Moll
Saw the life for what is was
The low humm of the bass

Blinded by the truth
Was I really nothing worth?
Now I'm as blind a Moll
Stuck in an endless hole

After all my learning days
I left work and got monthly pays
I finished study
I threw away my sarcastic budy

Tick tock
The clock won't stop
Blinded by the learning
Lost purpose in socialising

Tick tock
My friend is lost
So is I
For all it cost
I would wish for time to fly

I want to go
Back to saying no
No to study
Not no to my budy

I want it back
History back to act
I want my friend
I will give all the time I spend

Tick tock
Give me another clock
Tick tock
I got burried in a block

Tick tock

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