[47: ASMR]

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You were home alone, watching ASMR on full volume to cure your anxiety because whenever you watched those videos, they seem to completely relax you.

Then you felt thirsty and decided to make some hot tea. You got up with your phone and went to the kitchen to make some green tea. While waiting for it to cool, you placed it in the refrigerator. Then you went back to your room.

The ASMRtist (ASMR artist) was opening and closing the door softly. You enjoyed to sound of it. But it sounded more rough. Then, you decided to ignore it until the artist stopped doing that.

After about 10 minutes of waiting for the tea to cool and watching ASMR, you got up and went to the kitchen. When you drank the tea, the artist started doing your favourite thing; cotton sounds.

You started to feel sleepy and went to the room to relax. Then, you blacked out. You heard a door opening sound. It was weird. It was cotton sounds this time, how come there were door opening sounds?


I'm so sorry, Krispies! I've been so busy with my holidays. I'm tryna relax because school is starting in around 10 more days.

I clicked on Wattpad and I was like, "OMG I haven't updated in like 196299026291639 years."

So here you go! If you guys want, I can do a double update next time too! Just tell me in the comments! Answer to this chapter will be revealed 2 days after publishing every riddle.

Bye Krispies! Luv u~❤

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