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Hey all! A small warning beforehand: this series contains scenes with sexual abuse and rape, foul language, suicidal thoughts, alcohol addiction, torture and brutal murder.

. . . 

Blood crept through the deep-pile carpet, as a river that had burst her banks and flooded a forest. That red river was coming from Casper's head. 

Her friend's head. 

Dana stared at it. Her hands were shaking. Two voices were internally screaming; "Get the hell out of here" and "Stop the bleeding!", both accompanied by a series of curses. 

Casper's lips were moving, although there were no words he whispered to her. No apologies for being the biggest asshole of the world. Second biggest asshole of the world, she corrected herself. 

Or was he trying to say something? Was that a weak whisper? She fell beside him on her knees. 

His eyes found hers. "Go."

She was distracted by the waterfall coming out of his head. When she looked at his eyes again, they stared lifelessly at her. 

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. 

The front door slammed. 

Much more fucks. 

She ran to the back door, grabbed the keys from the kitchen table and ran to the garage behind the house. With an immense effort she pushed the motorcycle, which was far too high for her, outside, climbed on it and rode away. 

Where the hell could she go to? Dana could think of only one place. 


Hours later she rolled upon the parking lot in front of the Teller & Morrow garage. She took off her helmet and defied the curious glimpses of a dozen men. After taking a deep breath she got off the bike. 

There she was. On the run from a criminal, with the death of her best friend on her conscience and in possession of a stolen bike that was worth more than a ton.

Good job, Dana. 

And above all, she was hoping to find refuge at her brother, to whom she had five years ago spitted out every curse her stupid twenty year old brain could think of. 

They had never spoken since.

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