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Harry was gone before Ron even woke up.

The red head lifted his furry hair from Harry's pillow and looked around groggily, Hedwig hooting as he looked at the Ron from his spot perched on Harry's desk.

Ron groaned and shoved his face back in the pillow, guessing Harry was back to avoiding him, seeing as the boy wasted no time to get out of the dorm before Ron could wake up and talk to him.

He roughly got out of bed, and saw that both his other two roommates were getting dressed for class as well.

"Any idea how early Harry left?" He asked the two of them, unsure how he didn't feel the raven leaving the bed.

Dean nodded, "I saw him getting ready an hour ago, but I was too tired from what happened last night to ask him what he was doing up so early." Dean looked at Ron apologetically while he tied his robe.

Ron changed into his pants and his white button up, putting his tie on after, and slipped on his robe, he was always quick at getting dressed.

Ron sighed.

"Suppose he's at breakfast?" Hamish asked as he tied his shoes.

Ron didn't look up as he tied his shoes, "He damn well better be, he still needs to recover from what the Dursley's did to him." Ron suddenly looked like he was ready to drop kick someone. He would never forgive the Dursley's, and he would keep to his promise to himself that he would make sure they never hurt him again. Ron himself would be 18 by the end of this year, so he would be able to back his threats up with magic if needed, which is what he knew was the Dursley's worst fear.

As soon as Voldemort was defeated, and Harry didn't need the Dursley's protection, he would be taking Harry out of that house himself.

Ron grabbed his wand and left the dorm, not bothering to say bye to his other roommates, he was determined to find Harry and ask what his problem was.

But he couldn't find the boy anywhere.

He wasn't at breakfast, much to Ron's hatred. He wondered breifly if Harry ate at all.

Knowing full well that he didn't, Ron grabbed a few breadrolls, and stuffed them in his pocket. It wouldn't be much, but that's why magic was real, Ron could just cast a spell before Harry eats them.

Harry was nowhere to be found, he wasn't anywhere in the dorms, or in the castle, he even checked Hagrids, but Harry wasn't anywhere.

He finally bumped into Nevile, and Ron's curiosity peaked. The red head grabbed Neville's shoulder before he could get too far away, and Ron asked hopefully, "Hey mate, have you seen Harry anywhere?"

Neville looked uncomfortable for some reason, but Ron shrugged it off, Neville always did get a little nervous when people asked him questions. The poor bloke was freakishly shy.

"No, Ron, haven't seen Harry at all, I don't know where he is." Neville didn't break eye contact as he grinned, and honestly he looked more then a little nervous to Ron.

Ron let go of Neville's shoulder, confused, but not about to be slowed down. Ron rolled his eyes in impatients, classes would start in a few minutes.


Classes would start in a few minutes.

That's it! Ron had almost every class with Harry, surely Harry wasn't planning on avoiding him to the point he didn't show up for classes... Right?

Proud of himself, Ron ran as fast as he could, both in a hurry to make it to class on time, and in a hurry to talk to Harry. Their first class was with Professor Snape, and the teacher would at all be forgiving if they were late, and/or skipping his class. They would surely get detention for a week.

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