F*ck You, You're Not The Boss

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A/n: Lots of cursing here because I don't know why and because there's too much 'serious' chapters in this book rather than light and funny ones so yeah... OOC! Tsuna ahead!

3rd PoV

"Okay! Today, we won't do any work relating to Mafia" Tsuna said to the people in her office.

Which were her Class E friends, the Guardians, Reborn, Koro and Tadaomi.

"Why Tsu-chan?" Nagisa asks.

"Because today, we are gardening!" Tsuna shouts with her fists on her hips.




"That's right! You guys heard me right! We are gardening"

"Why?" Tadaomi asks.

"Because some certain people—" Tsuna glares at Yamamoto, Karma and Maehara "—decided that it would be fun to play Fetch the Grenade in the garden while the gardener is planting some pretty pretty pink roses that my mom word certainly love—and you know what else?"

"What Tsu-chan?" Koro's question added fuel to the fire.

"They freaking destroyed the garden and injured the gardener!"

"And because of that the garden looks like Koro-sensei when he sunburned so bad—"


"And my mom is coming here next month and expect some beautiful flowers. I don't want to hand her some burnt flowers that still look better than Koro-sensei!"


"Because I do what I want!" Tsuna shouts back.

"Why is Tsuna like this?" Yamamoto asks Nagisa who just signed and smiled nervously.

"She's like these whenever she's stressed or something she didn't absolutely like happened. There's this one time when Karma—"

"Nagisa, shh~ shh~ You don't to tell them about our harmless doings" 

"Harmless? 7 students were sent to the hospital because elf you and none were even studying at our school!" Tsuna shouted from her spot on top of her desk.

"Tsuna, get off from there. You're a boss, act like one" Reborn said sighing.

"F*ck you, you're not the boss! I am! Kneel you peasant!" Tsuna retorted, flipping him off with the finger.



All of them turns to the door where they saw Dino and Enma laughing. Well the former is.

"Enma-kun! Dino-nii!" Tsuna said, hurrying to give them a big tight hug.

"Why is she so nice to them and not to us?" Maehara whines.

"Because they didn't destroy the flower garden like you guys did" Tsuna said.

"But Tsunaaaaa~" Karma whines.

"Kufufu~ it is honestly unfair" Mukuro said.

"What's unfair Pineapple?" the insulted man twitch.

"Oi Oi..."

"Enough with the chatting. Let's go gardening. Oh, that rhymes!" Tsuna smiles cutely.

"She's bipolar, the f*ck..."

—To the garden.

"SO! Pineapple and Chrome will be on daisies duty." Said persons saluted and disappears leaving indigo mist.

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