Chapter Seven

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Eight hours had passed and Frexy was all set to go, her, Freddy, Foxy and Springtrap were deeply asleep in the repair room, but Frexy all of a sudden woke up, she didn't wake up from a nightmare, she woke up for no reason, she got off of the table she was sleeping on and took a look at the sleeping animatronics and then looked at the door, she wanted to explore the rest of the studio, she was tired of being locked up in the repair room, Frexy had no choice but to leave the room without disturbing the animatronics' sleep.

Frexy slowly closed the door behind her and walked down a long hallway, she looked at the pictures that were hanging up as she passed by them.

"Looks like they had fun in these pictures, they went to many different locations, I wonder if they'll take me on any trips so I can have fun, too." Frexy thought to herself.

Frexy then entered the main room, the room was completely empty and quiet since Bonnie and Chica were asleep and so was everyone else, she tried her best to keep herself quiet so she won't wake up anyone, Frexy then noticed the instruments on the stage which Freddy, Foxy, and Chica forgot to pack up, she went to go check them out, first she took a look at Foxy's piano, she decided to try it out, she used her hook to tap on one of the keys, she loved the sound of it, Frexy then began playing a beautiful song on it, she played the song for about an hour.

In the repair room, Foxy woke up to the sound of his piano playing from the main room, he could've sworn he packed it up, he then noticed that Frexy was gone, he got up and exited the room to investigate, the music got louder as he walked down the hallway to the main room, what he saw surprised him, Frexy was playing his piano, it's like she knew how to play it, Foxy walked onto the stage and went to Frexy.

"I didn't know you could play piano." Said Foxy suddenly, making Frexy jump.

"Foxy, you scared me there, I didn't know you were next to me."

"Sorry if I scared you but I just came out here to tell you that you play lovely."

"Oh thanks." Said Frexy as she began to blush nervously.

"You know, Freddy had been looking for a guitarist for a while since Bonnie quit the band, do you think you could play guitar?"

"Well.......I......I'll think about it..." Replied Frexy. "Though I've never played guitar before."

"Don't worry, Frexy, Bonnie will give you guitar lessons."

"Alright, I'll ask him to give me lessons when he wakes up."

"What time is it right now?"

Foxy looked at the clock on the wall.

"It's 12:00 am, alright Frexy, I'm going to my room to sleep for awhile, I'm still tired from working on you."

"Alright, good night, Foxy, one more thing, when am I going to get my own room?"

"There is an extra room next to Bonnie and Chica's, it's not set up yet but there is a bed for you to sleep on." Replied Foxy as he went down the hallway to his room, Frexy followed him, Foxy went to a door that was not decorated like the other ones, he opened up the door. "This is your room, Frexy, as I said, me and Freddy will work in here when we wake up, for right now, just sleep in here for tonight, alright?"

Frexy entered the room and Foxy closed the door behind him, Frexy took a look around the room, the light blue paint was chipping off of the walls, the windows had cracks in them, and the room was cold, it was like she was in the Arctic, she went to get a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around herself, she laid herself down on the bed and tried to fall asleep.

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