Chapter 25 | Brando

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I can't stop thinking about that kiss. It was the perfect first kiss with Daxten. I hope I never have a first kiss with anyone ever again. I'll make it my mission to ensure that never happens. This is it. Daxten is the last first kiss I'll ever have.

      It feels so good to touch him, to have his arms around me. We move rhythmically to the music. Finally, we're completing our dance.

      I can't explain how weird I feel. I feel like I'm breathing and choking at the same time. I feel like I'm living and dying at the same time. Is this... love?

      The only other person I've been this close with was Nick, and that wasn't love, that was lust. That was being dominated by a man more powerful than I. That was a faux infatuation with someone I thought I deserved.

      Daxten isn't Nick, and I'm not the Brando that stepped onto this plane. I'm reborn, renewed. I'm worthy of something real. I'm worthy of love, his love. Daxten's love.

      My body craves him. I want to get closer to him but I can't get any closer. I'm already pressed against his abdomen, my head against his chest.

      I still want to get closer.

      The song finishes and a new one begins. I could dance with this man all night long. I want to kiss him again. I wonder what he wants.

      I look up at him. 'Had enough of dancing?'

      'I can't ever have enough of you.'

      Then take all of me. I should just say that. I know he wants me now. There's no shadow of doubt in my mind that this man wants me. But he can't possibly want me as much as I want him.

      'Would you like your shoes back?'

      'I want you to keep them.'

      'Really?' I say with a higher pitch.

      'Absolutely. They're a gift. They're yours now.'

      'Thank you.'

      We stare at each other without speaking. It's wonderful. It's intense. I wonder what I should say, but I can't think of what to say. I don't want to jeopardize this moment by saying the wrong thing.

      His deep blue eyes burn into mine. He's speaking to me, but his lips don't move. I look at his lips. I take them in. Then I look back at his eyes, his entire face. I love his face. He's beautiful.

      'I probably smell.'

      Seriously, Brando, that's how you choose to ruin the moment? I visualize smacking myself in the face. Stupid, stupid Brando. I probably do smell though, I did just run through the plane, like I did in the airport. I haven't showered in days.

      'You don't smell that bad.'

      'Oh yeah, well you smell worse.'

      We laugh.

      Daxten narrows his eyes in thought. 'Guess we both could freshen up a bit. Should we go back to my suite?'

      Before I have a chance to respond, he pulls me towards the exit. I allow him control, to take me away from the open space of the bar to the private space of his suite.

      The bright lights in the hallway blind me for a moment. I've been used to the low lighting in the bar that the sudden brightness takes me by surprise. It slows us both down a little. We pick up speed when the door of Daxten's suite comes into view.

      He continues to pull me along. His hand is in mine, warm, his skin slightly rough. He squeezes to make sure I can't let go. I'll never let go.

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