Chapter - 45 "The Fight Begins"

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Hey there fam. So now the fight begins. This may go on for 5-10 chapters before the ending. This is the final and most crucial part of TAKEN. So put your seat belts on Cuz we're in for one hell of a ride
Leo's pov~

This girl will be the end of me.
This was my exact thought when I saw lisa in the basement.
She looked a lot thinner and paler than before but the shine in her eyes was beautiful as ever.
In the dim light of the basement, her face glowed like the moon.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her but when she called out my name out aloud. It made me believe that my mind wasn't playing any tricks on me.

As much as I was happy to see her, I was angry too. She can't be here.

She just can't


Lisa's pov

I peeked out of the window. It was dark.
I looked at leo, he was wide awake and aware too.
"Lisa, I think you should get some sleep, I'll look out for any danger"

I wasn't going to sleep. This was not the time to rest.

"I'm good" I said
"Lisa, can't you just listen to me for once" leo said with irritation evident in his tone
"Leo, I said. I'm good" I replied
"whatever" he said and looked down in defeat.

I sat down. It was getting a little chilly, after an hour had passed I was practically shivering.

Leo saw me and passed a blanket to me.
I looked at him and noticed that he wasn't even wearing a t-shirt. His muscles were shining under the moonlight.

Focus lisa, focus

I shrugged that thought out of my mind and said
"I don't need a blanket."
He walked towards me in an intimidating manner, and opened the window above my head. A cold wind blew making me shiver. My teeth chattered.

Leo smirked at me and said
"you sure do"
I made a face but took the blanket anyway.
"don't you feel cold" I asked leo
"No, I don't. You can have it." he replied
"We can share it" I said and immediately regretted it.
"umm.." leo muttered.
He was blushing, I laughed under my breath. He looked so cute when embarrassed.

He sat across me and stared at my face. His hazel eyes met my deep blue ones. For a split second I could study him, I could study his emotions. It was like for that one moment he opened up to me. He made me see his inner self. I could see a terrified and tensed leo.

Wind blew outside and the window made a creaking noice.
Leo looked to the window and our moment ended.
I sighed.
Suddenly Leo's betrayal came in front of my eyes.

I stiffened my posture and made a straight face and said

"Leo, I have something to ask from you"

"uh - huh" he said
" why did yo.." before I could finish my sentence we heard some footsteps outside.
A look of pure panic crossed mine as well as Leo's face

Leo motioned me to hide and I did as I was told.
I saw a broken cupboard and quickly hid behind it. Leo stood carefully behind the door. The guards entered the basement.

One of them said
"are you sure they're in the palace?"
"yeah I'm sure. I saw her enter and paul saw leo" the other one answered
"okay so let's do what we gotta do" the first one said again

I panicked, shit they knew about me.

One of the guards proceeded his way towards me.
I didn't knew what to do. Before I could do anything, leo came and punched the guard on his back. He turned around and before he could defend himself leo jammed a rusted piece of iron in his gut.

He wailed and fell down blood oozed out of his stomach. The smell of blood making me crazy.
There was something weird for sure.
Before I could understand what was off the other guard ran towards leo and I shouted
"leo look at the back"
Leo turned around and in one swift motion kicked the guard in the face.
He fell down and leo stabbed him too.
There was too much violence. I shrieked.

Leo turned towards me and said
"we better head out, before the rest of them track us down" I nodded and followed leo.


We carefully, tiptoed our way to the main hall. Avoiding any of the guards.

Leo guided me and I followed him obediently.

Quietly we walked towards Leo's room. As we entered leo closed the door carefully, not making any noise and turned towards me.

I said "What are we gonna do now, they're gonna track us down soon"
" don't worry, the guards are not vampire they're humans" leo said
"WHAT?" I said
"Shh.. Tone it down a notch. Yeah you heard it right they are all humans so it's easy for me to get through them. But don't underestimate them they're all well armed. They have something which can finish us both in a second" leo said
"what, what do they have?" I asked
"holy water. One drop of it can burn us both down in minutes" he replied
"So, what is your plan" I said, hoping for the best.
"don't worry. Our men are out there waiting for us. We just have to get out of here. Then we'll attack the queen. If everything went according to our plan. The kingdom will be ours again"

The plan sounded a bit impossible but if done correctly and carefully maybe we can achieve the aim.

I nodded.


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