Yoshiki autobiography

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"I believe that music always brings hope, no matter what events are happening in the world."

On Christmas evening, Yoshiki, and the other band members, dressed as Santa Claus handed over the list of the pianos to representatives of Kobe schools.

The year ended with the two traditional concerts in Tokyo Dome.

Yoshiki shone with joy, like 10 years ago, circling the stage on the back of Toshi. In the end they sang a song 'X', which was an important milestone for them, and so concluded the last concert of the year.

The after party ended, and New Year came. It was necessary to continue the tour, and then set new goals.

Will his body be able to continue to live together with X? Or will be destroyed prior to X? These thoughts haunted immersed in impressions from the concert Yoshiki.

Around the same time, when the appearance on the American scene was cancelled, Yoshiki survived the breakup with a girl. Of course there are parting, and then further meetings. Of course, Yoshiki knew this, but recently he began to think that perhaps his destiny was to spend his life alone.

Yoshiki met this girl in the late autumn of 1993. She was a popular singer, participating in a duo and performing solo. Familiar TV producer turned to Yoshiki with a request to write a song for her and become a producer of the record. Yoshiki had not been in Japan for a long time and knew nothing about her and her work. But when he heard the request of a friend producer he decided to meet her personally. He arranged a meeting in a cafe, and she came there with a producer. At the first meeting, she seemed more adult her age. But the occasional smile on her face was innocent as of a girl. When the conversation turned to music, she shared with Yoshiki her thoughts on singing and her goal to become a professional singer.

Seriousness and sincerity of her words immediately resonated in his heart.

"Well, I'll write a song and will be the producer."

Soon, her producer was gone, and they continued the conversation together. However, after that Yoshiki became a part of an unexpected incident. One of the drunken visitors attached to Yoshiki, asking for a quarrel.At first he tried not to pay attention, but the persistence  angered him, and he suddenly threw the impudent off him. A fight broke out.

The girl tried to keep Yoshiki out, but in the excitement he shouted loudly: "Silence!"

Soon the employees of a cafe appeared and put things in order. Calming down, Yoshiki returned to his seat, anxious, if the girl was not scared. For him, such incidents were not uncommon, but for her it all had to look like a real disaster. The person promised to write a song for her suddenly began a fight in front of her. He imagined that she could not utter a word from terror. However, she was perfectly calm. Overturned chairs, it seemed, was not worrying her at all. Yoshiki, feeling uncomfortable, went out of the cafe, and she caught him with a smile on her face. It was at that moment she became his special person.

"Now I'll return to Los Angeles and soon will begin composing a song. I'll try to finish as quickly as possible and will inform you immediately. "

They lived in different cities, but often talked on the phone. Yoshiki could tell her something that usually he told no one. Sincere trusting conversations gave him peace of mind. There was no need to pretend with her. This warmth Yoshiki felt every time they talk.

His birthday was approaching. Yoshiki did not want to hold a reception on the occasion so as usual he stayed in the studio until the morning, and slept until the next afternoon.

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