So I'm writing another book and this one is about One Direction.. This is kinda like a preview... Tell me if you like it. I would like 2 votes and 2 comments by Saturday because I'm going on vacation, I'll upload Saturday either way(:

Paige Payne(16)~ She was kidnapped when she was thirteen and is being held captive by a stranger, miles away in his secret basement no one knows about. She's Liam Payne's younger sister.

Greggory Harrolds(61)~ He kidnapped Paige when she was thirteen and is holding her in his secretive basement and does...stuff...he's a sick pervert as another way to put it.

Liam Payne(18)~ Paige's brother. He's famous and is touring all over with his band but he never forgets about his little sister even though its been three years and everyones given up o her coming back alive.

Geoff, Karen, Nicola and Ruth Payne~ Liam and Paige's family. They've all given up because they don't want to believe she'll come back alive when she probably won't.

Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis~ They rest of One Direction. Look 'em up!

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Chapter 1

Paige's POV:

He's coming. I hear him coming. I wanna hide. I don't want him to touch me anymore. I want him to give me back! I want my brother to save me! To hug me, I miss him! I miss Mum and Dad! I miss Nicola and Ruth! I want them here! I wanna be back in their arms! "Little girl..." He whispers. Oh God, he's here. I start to cry a little as I hear him come closer and closer to me. "Don't cry sweetie, you'll ruin all the fun." He says dragging me by my hair to the mattress in the corner."You know what to do!" He yells when I don't go right away. That's when the tears come once again and I receive a painful slap...

I wake up in a pool of blood and that's when I remember, he came again. I look down and flinch. ore scars. I look over and see he cut my stomach, arms and legs. Again. I look around for my clothes to find them across the room. I slowly get up and walk over to the pile in the corner of the room. I slowly pull up my underwear over the scars. Every movement I make I flinch at the pain. I clip on my bra slowly because I can';t move without being in more and more pain. I slip on a baggy T-shirt and some baggy shorts before sitting in front of the tiny TV to see my amazing brothers face. I just smiled like an idiot at the screen. He's living his dreams, I know that's something I'll never be able to do but just seeing him do it makes me feel on e hundred times better. I want one of his hugs though. To feel him kiss my cheek every night before going to sleep. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? There's all the other people in the world and I'm the one that has to go through this. I just want to see my family again. I miss them all so much and being without them tears me apart. I cry softly into the cheep pillow next to me. Why can't someone see I'm here? Someone just see me through the small window at the top of the basement. I would run but I have no where to go. I don't know where I am and he knows that I can't run far without him catching me and probably killing me. I can't die. I can't die. Liam said that in the beginning.


"Please if anyone has any information on her please call!" Mum says in between sobs with my father and siblings behind her. "We'll do anything! Pay any amount! Just please bring my daughter back home!" She cried one last time before giving the microphone to my father. "Please bring my baby home...I love her, we love her, we just want her home in our arms. Please, please, please! We'll do anything!" He cried into the microphone before stepping back and handing the microphone to Liam. Liam looked into the camera, his eyes watering. "Please bring my baby sister back home if you have her. If she is watching this and can come home, please come home. We miss you like you like you cannot believe. I miss your hugs, I miss saying goodnight. If you are in someone's captivity and cannot leave. Don't. Stop. Fighting. Don't lose hope. We believe in you, please don't die. Keep your head up high and think about how once we get you home, think about how I'll give you the biggest hug ever and we'll do whatever you want. Right away. Don't lose hope. I love you little sis'. Don't leave me!" He cried before silently walking back crying as my sisters mumbled a few things before they all walked off the stage in tears. I was crying too, seeing how much they missed me back helping me fight.