❤︎Chapter 29: Summer Trip

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Tomomi's POV

One summer day in Tokyo, a group of teenagers were taking a luxury train (courtesy of their rich and insanely intelligent friend) to a vacation home

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One summer day in Tokyo, a group of teenagers were taking a luxury train (courtesy of their rich and insanely intelligent friend) to a vacation home. The morning sun bathed all of the train passengers in its warm rays of light, awakening some for a promising day or putting others who'd woken up to catch the train right back to sleep.

Tomomi chuckles as Momoka murmurs something about bunnies in her sleep. She'd passed out after only 30 minutes of boarding the train with him and their group of friends. She tended to be very drowsy in the mornings and fell asleep in class for at least the first half of the day. Most times, she wasn't fully awake until late afternoon. It was a funny little observation Tomomi had made, and he found it rather cute, contrary to the indifferent attitudes of their company.

After shaking their heads at Momoka briefly, the group proceeded to spring into action and start up a card game to keep themselves occupied. Tomomi watched his friends with a gentle smile on his face, happy to see them happy.

For summer break this year, Tomomi has managed to convince his grandmother to let him bring his friends to the family vacation house for a few days. The others were so excited to go, they treated Tomomi like royalty or weeks leading up to it, even though Tomomi didn't see a reason for the bribe. He would have invited the entire class if he could, but his grandmother was already hard to win over with his pronounced number of around 10 or so guests.


Momoka's head falls on Tomomi's shoulder and he adjusts himself accordingly to make sure she's comfortable. She had been the most excited, trying to figure out what to pack, asking Tomomi about the beach there, or if they'd get a lot of alone time. He was sure she hasn't slept a wink last night.

You worry me sometimes, you know...

Tomomi lets out a contented sigh and closes his eyes to try and slow down and embed the memory of this simple, yet blissful moment. The best moments of his life would often happen so quickly, they passed him right by. He found that if he tried hard to root himself in the moment, he could better keep the memory.

The sound of the train running about the tracks...the laughter and presence of good friends who all got along perfectly, the smell of their breakfast being wheeled down the aisle...Momoka's sweet scent wafting up from his side...her warm figure slumped against his own...her soft breathing...

Tomomi didn't think he could possibly get any happier than this.


Everyone on the train jumps to attention when Reina shrieks the news at the top of her lungs. She plasters her pretty face against the window and sends a shockwave of excitement through her other friends. Right after they had just quieted down, too. In an instant, they were all jumping down and dancing like someone had just told them it was snack time.

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