The roles

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What is a little? What is a pet? What is a caregiver? These may all be questions you are asking yourself. And I am here to give you answers.
What is a little?: a little is someone that enjoys acting in a childlike manner and participating in things meant for children such as coloring, watching cartoons, using pacifiers, etc.
What is a pet?: a pet is someone that likes acting in an animal like manner as well as partaking in activities for the pet they are. For kittens, they may enjoy batting and pawing at items. While a puppy may enjoy playing fetch.
What is a caregiver?: a caregiver is someone that naturally feels the urge to nurture and care for a little or pet. They take care of them as they would a child or a pet.
What is a handler?: a handler is the carer of a pet. They care for their pet, train them, and teach them how to be a better pet.
DISCLAIMER: Being a little or caregiver DOES NOT mean that they are pedophiles! Also pets or handlers of pets ARE NOT into bestiality!

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