Chapter 6

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MayMay's POV:

"Well my name is MaryDale Entrata and I am 17 year old, I use to live in Camiguin but I moved here when I was in the 5th grade and that's when I met Marco and we have been best friends since. Then we went to middle school together and that's where we met Kisses and we have been inseparable. When I was younger I used to live my my grandparents because my mom was in Japan working, I was very close to them, they were like my parents because my mom didn't really care from that much, I wasn't so close to my mom as I was close with my grandparents, but then when they died on my last year of middle school I was devastated, it was a good thing that Kisses and Marco were there for me, it's like they're my sister and brother, that's why they call me Ate because I'm like they're older sister. Anyway, I stayed with Kisses a few more days then my mom showed up and she blamed me for the death of my grandparents she made me work so we can get money so I did, I worked until 2nd year high school I stopped because I had to focus on my studies especially now that we're graduating next school year, I have to work hard. I lost all of my family members, I lost my dad, my Lolo, my Lola, and it's like I lost my mom too, we were never close but I'm just really thankful that I have Kisses and Marco, but really that's about everything about me." I said and I was crying by now and had troubles breathing and Marco saw that and immediately got my bag and got my inhaler and he put it in my mouth and pressed it

"Breath Te May, in and out, in and out. " He said and I did as he said and felt my breathing go back to normal and I fixed myself and saw the others just staring at me

"Thanks Marco" I said and the others were still staring

"What was that?" Edward asked and I just looked at Marco and Kisses

"Ahh kasi asthmatic si Ate May" Marco said and I nodded my head in agreement

"Ahh why didn't you tell us?" He asked

"I didn't think you'd want to know" I said

"Ate May, you should have told them earlier, what if something like that happens and me and Marco weren't here?" Kisses said and I just nodded my head

"Ah sige" I said

"Well is there anything else we need to know?" Bailey asked and I just shook my head

"Nah I think that's about it" I said and they nodded their heads

"Well sige kain na tayo" Edward said


After we finished our food we decided to go home.

"Ahh guys we'll go ahead na ha" I said

"Oh let me bring you guys home" Edward said and I just shook my head

"No need to do that" I said

"No it's fine, it's almost dark, something might happen to you guys" He said and I just looked at the Marco and Kisses and they just shrugged

"Sige na nga, pero after you bring me home you leave agad, my mom will kill me" I said and he just nodded his head

"Alright guys we'll go ahead na ha" He said to the others and they just nodded their heads

"Bye guys, see you tomorrow" I said

"Byeeeee!!" They all said and me, Marco, Kisses and Edward walked to where Edward parked his car and I sat on the passenger's seat and the other two sat in the back and we drove off we decided to drop off Kisses first and when we got to her house she got out the car and I got out to hug her and so did Marco

"You guys take care ha, I'll see you guys tomorrow, labyu labyu" She said

"Sleep well bebe, labyu labyu" I said and kissed her head, sa aming tatlo Kisses is like the baby, she's the youngest, even though Marco is really the youngest.

"Sleep well Kisses, have a good night's rest" Marco said and kissed her forehead and hugged her and Kisses nodded her head and waved to Edward

"Bye Edward" She said and he smiled

"Bye Kisses, see you tomorrow" He said and Kisses nodded her head and hugged me and Marco one last time and she went inside and me and Marco went back in the car. Next, we went to Marco's house. When we got to his house he got out and I got out too

"Sleep well bebe boy" I said and hugged him

"Take care Ate May ha" He said and we pulled away and he kissed my forehead

"Edward ha take care of Ate May" He said and Edward nodded his head

"Of course I will, because I know if I don't you will kill me" Edward said and I looked at Marco

"Don't forget to pray bebe boy" I said and he nodded his head and hugged me one more time

"Sleep well Te May, also you, don't forget to pray ha" He said

"Yah I won't" I said, we pulled away and looked at Edward

"See you tomorrow bro, take care of her ha" Marco said and Edward just nodded his head

"Yes I will take care of her, she'll arrive home safely" Edward said and Marco nodded and went inside and turned around and waved at me

"Bye Te May, labyu labyu" He said

"Labyu Labyu bebe boy" I said and he went inside and I went back in the car and we drove off to my house

"You three have a really close friendship" Edward said and I just looked at him

"Like I said kanina, they're all I have" I said

"Well now you have me and the other guys here for you, we'll be your friends, and I'm your boyfriend" He said and I saw him smirk

"Tse, I'm your FAKE girlfriend ha, tigilan mo nga ako" I said and he just laughed

"Well are we near your house?" He asked and I looked around

"Yah we are, about 3 more minutes" I said and he nodded his head and kept his eyes on the road. When we got to my house I saw that my mom's car wasn't there yet so I guess she wasn't home yet. I got out of the car and I looked back at Edward with a smile

"Thanks for the ride, I'll see you tomorrow" I said and he smiled back

"No problem anything for my girlfriend, see you tomorrow babe." He said and he just drove away. Grabe Bai, I went in the house and went up to my room and set my stuff on my desk and jumped on my bed and I just sighed. I'm Edward Barbers fake girlfriend, I know it's fake lang pero out of all the pretty girls out there why did he pick me? Bahala na, I went to my closet and got my pajamas and changed my clothes and went back to my bed and got my phone and read some stories in wattpad as I do every night before I sleep, well not every night, sometimes it's a real book. When I felt my self getting sleepier and sleepier I plugged in my phone and set my alarm for tomorrow and got under the covers but before I slept of course I prayed first, after praying I finally got some sleep.


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