Chapter Six Unwanted

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Once you had looked through the large amount of clothes you finally picked out some pajamas. Grabbing said clothes and a pair of underwear you made your way towards a door on the far side of the wall. Once opened, it showed a bathroom with all the common components. A shower, bathtub, sink, toilet and mirror.

You took off your "clothes" which consisted of a long old grey dress with stains and rips all over it and a pair of underwear. The shoes you had on had large holes all over them and looked as good as the dress had. They were the same clothes you had been equipped with when you were placed into the home, so a change was long overdue.

A peak in the mirror would prove to be fatal to your self esteem. Your (Hair/Length) (h/c) hair was ratted and gross. No scars showed upon your (skin/colour) skin thanks to your quirk. Your healing abilities were largely above that of most people and when you were younger you found out that you could project that healing towards others. Sighing you turned on the water and stepped into the cascading stream, you felt a chill run down your back. It was freezing, but you wanted nothing more than to be clean.

It had taken you almost an hour to work through your hair after the long shower and you were already exhausted from actually using your quirk for once. Once done you had to clean out the shower from the caked on dirt and dead skin, it was gross and took a long time but nonetheless needed to be done.

You were almost finished when a large thump knocked from outside your door. It had disengaged you free of your train of thought and you wanted to check it out, so walking confidently out of your bathroom and across the bedroom you grabbed the silver handle leading outside. As soon as you had opened it a man and woman fell through. "The fuck" a woman with black hair, pale skin and brown eyes said as she hit the ground inside your room. She was pretty but seemed to be a bit of a one night stand.

"Oh, when did you move in here?" The man said not paying any mind to the girl on the ground. You looked up at him as your mind started to race. He had black fluffy hair, blue eyes... and the most striking feature about him, his skin. It looked as though it had been burned and was kept on with metal staples, except for a few parts that seemed to be salvaged from whatever had happened.

"Today, Do you mind getting out?" You asked looking at the woman sitting on the ground, a bit bored with the situation . The man chuckled and your eyes switched back to his tall frame.

"What? Not one for others?" He asked as if he was looking down on you.

"No, I'm just not one for people who disrupts others." You said obviously hinting that the handsome man was unwanted. His smile faded as the woman stood up and walked behind the man.

"You're kind of-" His sentence was cut short as you shut the door in his face and locked it. While walking away you could hear a woman yell something and hit the door. Paying the noise outside no attention you walked over to the computer.

The head mistress had a computer, so you were familiar with seeing one, but had never touched one yourself. Deciding it was a struggle better left for another time you strolled over to book shelfs. Grabbing one that peaked your interest you sat down on your bed and began to read.

It was only when you were a quarter through the large book did you decide to go to bed. Not ten minutes had passed before a knocked sounded on the door. You a bit upset threw off your covers and walked to the door. Opening it you found the male from before. "Hey got an extra condom?" You looked at him with your mouth slightly ajar. It was as if he had asked the stupidest question anyone could have of asked. You opened your mouth to speak before you shut the door in his face... for  a second time that night. "I'll take that as a no" he said through the door.

"Really, Sherlock how did you ever come to that conclusion" you whispered quietly said to yourself.

"Dunno, probably the door in the face" 

How the hell did he hear me? You asked yourself before chuckling and heading to bed.

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