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o2.| IT'S YOU.

SHE SECLUDED HERSELF FROM THE REST OF THE TEAM A FEW MINUTES AFTER THEY WENT OVER THE NUMBERS. Giselle couldn't work with a whole room full of emotional heroes who had just had their hearts broken and turned to nothing but dust. So, she needed to get away in order to focus on everything around her in order to channel the universe as well as she could. Her hair blew in the wind as she sat on one of the palace's balconies. She was seated on the ground with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap. Her crystal blue eyes were shut as she began to concentrate on everything around her.

The atoms that pieced together to create every single organism that lived in the universe; mainly the ones who were not those that disappeared because of Thanos. But even with the birds still miraculously chirping as they flew over her head and the other animals that communicated around the Wakandan city, she couldn't hold her concentration. The Caster knew that it would be difficult, yes, but she couldn't give up on those that they lost. She couldn't.

Not since she had lost someone as well.

A sigh leaving her lips and her eyes opened as she sat there, glancing out at the battlefield that they once stood on only moments ago. Her lips pressed together as she shook her head lightly, her mind wandering to the planet of Titan that they had gone to retrieve Tony Stark.

It broke her heart and shattered her soul to find that Mantis was one of the unfortunate souls that were erased by Thanos. She regretted not staying with her and the others when they went out to find the Infinity Stone on Nowhere, but she made a promise with Rocket. She promised the raccoon that she would join him, Groot, and Thor in order to get the God of thunder back to Earth in order to fight against the Mad Titan. But what did she lose from her promise that she made to her friend? Not only a few of her greatest friends in the galaxy, but also the love of her life.

Mantis was pure in every form, and that was what made Giselle love her. Even when there was an incredibly serious task or topic at hand, Mantis found a way to make it seem adorable. Giselle laughed at her incorrect phrases in order to strike up a conversation with the Guardians, and she smiled whenever Mantis fumbled with her words. If it wasn't for the woman, Giselle never would've slept at night. It was Mantis that helped her with her insomnia; using her powers to help Giselle go to sleep when all she could think about was how the rest of her species was wiped out on Obron.

A planet that was only a memory now.

Giselle could remember that when she first met the woman when she had joined the Guardians with Calix and they went with Peter's father. Of course, his father turned out to be an insane person who was also a planet -- and god -- and, well, they fought him and destroyed him. Giselle was never shy around Mantis, even when they first met; so it was no surprise that Giselle had taken the initiative to make the first move with Mantis. The two of their relationship was pretty quick and they fell in love, but that was how they liked it.

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